Free Speech Dilemma Caused by Ruling on President Trump’s “Travel Ban”

CCP and PPLI file amicus brief asking Supreme Court to review Fourth Circuit reasoning Alexandria, VA – May courts impose a “welcome restraint” on campaign speech protected by the First Amendment? The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) and the Public Policy Legal Institute (PPLI) are asking the Supreme Court to review a Fourth Circuit ruling […]

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Citizen Sleuth or Citizen Snoop? The Dangers of Disclosure in the Internet Age

At its core, the debate about political disclosure is actually pretty simple. The information provided about donors to the government has the benefit of allowing citizens to keep track of the flow of money to candidates, and through that information, corruption may be exposed. The cost of disclosure is that the personal information (names, home […]

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Neil Gorsuch, and the Supreme Court’s Role on Money in Politics

Democrats in Congress have signaled their intention to make campaign finance a major theme of the Gorsuch hearings this week. No doubt with that in mind, the anti-speech group Demos has rushed out a document criticizing past U.S. Supreme Court decisions that, they claim, have “benefited a small class of wealthy, white conservative men.” The […]

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Gallup Poll Shows Less Than 0.5% of Americans Think Campaign Finance “Reform” is Top Problem Facing the Country

Supporters of greater campaign finance regulation often claim that their issue is of paramount importance to voters. Their evidence is often biased polling. For example, a 2016 Ipsos poll commissioned by Issue One asks respondents to rank the importance of overly broad issue categories like “the economy” and “the military” alongside “reducing the influence of […]

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Cato Panel Discusses Free Speech, Media, and Trump

On Friday, the Cato Institute hosted a panel event entitled, “Will President Trump Threaten Free Speech?” The panel consisted of Francis Buckley, a professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law and New York Post columnist; Robert Corn-Revere, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, who specializes in First Amendment law; and Flemming Rose, […]

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CCP Applauds Nomination of Judge Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), America’s largest nonprofit defending First Amendment political speech rights, applauds President Trump’s selection of Tenth Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch as a nominee for the Supreme Court. “Judge Gorsuch’s opinions show an understanding that the role of a judge is not to enact his own preferences, but neither is […]

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Trump Down to Three on Supreme Court…Where Do They Stand on Free Speech?

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), America’s largest nonprofit defending First Amendment political speech rights, has published detailed analyses on the three leading picks to be the next Supreme Court justice, as reported Tuesday by Politico. To read CCP’s analyses on the potential nominees’ records on free speech rights, click below: Tenth […]

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Were efforts to sway Electoral College illegal under FECA? Could be.

The six weeks since the presidential election have seen a new phenomenon: liberals, progressives, and Democrats, and a handful of anti-Trump Republicans engaged in a series of wild efforts to convince Republican members of the Electoral College not to vote for Donald Trump, as pledged. There have been death threats, lesser threats, harassment, and sincere […]

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Steyer’s Plan to Challenge Trump is Healthy for Free Speech Environment

In response to Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton on Election Day, environmental activist and Democratic donor Tom Steyer has promised to continue to spend his vast wealth to combat the President-elect’s energy agenda, which he predicts will threaten his own environmental protection agenda. According to an interview with Reuters, Steyer is willing to spend […]

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In Defense of Protests

After the election of Donald Trump, those unhappy with the results began protesting across the country. The #NotMyPresident movement is almost certainly futile – the election has been fairly decided – but these protesters, like all Americans, have the right to peaceably assemble and speak out, regardless of the content of their message. This is […]

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