Former FEC Commissioner Ravel Admits Her “Dysfunction” Narrative is Unfounded

Ann Ravel, formerly of the FEC, spent her first day after resigning with fellow progressives at the Center for American Progress. During an event on Wednesday, dramatically titled “Departing Dysfunction,” she delivered remarks and then joined a panel discussion on campaign finance law. Ravel spent much of the event repeating arguments she made while at […]

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Resigning FEC Commissioner Ravel Never Stopped Her Partisan Grandstanding

FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel announced over Presidents’ Day Weekend that she would resign from her post with only a few months left in her term. In an accompanying New York Times op-ed, she cited the “gridlock” on the Commission as a major reason for resigning and took some parting shots at her colleagues. The first […]

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Self-Styled Campaign Finance “Reformers” Jump the Shark

Self-Styled Campaign Finance “Reformers” Jump the Shark Ten Stunts, Antics, and Exploits That Show Many Anti-Free Speech Activists Have Lost It By Luke Wachob Introduction What do activists do when the government isn’t prioritizing their cause? What does the head of a federal agency do when she doesn’t get her way? What do “good government” […]

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Some FEC Commissioners Unwilling to Commit to Not Banning Books

The Federal Election Commission’s recent public meeting revealed a partisan gap on what would have otherwise seemed a straightforward issue. Commissioner Lee Goodman proposed an amendment to expand the FEC’s “press exemption” regulation to include books, movies, and other media distributed by satellite television, radio, and internet-enabled applications. In short, Goodman wanted to reassure the […]

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The New York Times: Replace the FEC with A More Partisan Agency

Last Friday, The New York Times Editorial Board published a piece lambasting the “feckless” Federal Election Commission for “fail[ing] to police this rise of ‘dark money.’” Advancing the oft-repeated (and false) narrative among opponents of free political speech that the FEC is a “worse than dysfunctional” agency, the editorial concludes that the entire regulatory body […]

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Comments to FEC Commissioner Ravel on Proposal to Rescind AO 2006-15 (TransCanada) (FEC Agenda Document No. 16-32-A)

VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Federal Election Commission 999 E Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20463 RE: Commissioner Ravel’s Proposal to Rescind AO 2006-15 (TransCanada) (FEC Agenda Document No. 16-32-A) Dear Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Commissioners: The Center for Competitive Politics (“the Center”),[1] respectfully submits comments in response to Commissioner Ravel’s Proposal to Rescind Advisory Opinion (“AO”) 2006-15 […]

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Surprise, Surprise: Partisan Grandstanding from FEC Commissioners Has Hurt the Agency’s Morale

The Federal Election Commission’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently released a July 2016 study on the root causes of its infamously low employee morale. After receiving survey responses from 185 out of the Commission’s roughly 338 employees, the Office found that a chief cause of low morale at the agency is the conduct of […]

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An Embarrassment at the FEC

If you want to know why things seem so contentious at the Federal Election Commission, we would call your attention to a recent Statement of Reasons by Commissioners Ann Ravel and Ellen Weintraub. Last month, in MUR 6535, the Commission reached a conciliation agreement with Restore Our Future, a Super PAC that advocated the election of […]

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Political Spending Isn’t Choking Out Competition. Campaign Finance Regulations Are.

Inequality is the word of the moment. You can’t go anywhere without hearing it thrown around. Usually, this word evokes images of the discrepancy between rich and poor. Some might think this topic is divorced from campaign finance regulations, which, as far as civil enforcement is concerned, are the jurisdiction of the Federal Election Commission […]

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A Dysfunctional FEC? Calling Inigo Montoya

We hear a lot these days about a “dysfunctional” Federal Election Commission, including from the Agency’s own Chair, Ann Ravel, who, after a promising start, has apparently decided it’s not worth the trouble to work constructively within the Agency she nominally heads, and Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, whose lengthy tenure has coincided with the alleged agency […]

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