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The Academy, Campaign Finance, and Free Speech Under Fire

In this short essay, Center for Competitive Politics Chairman and Co-Founder and Capital University Law School Professor Bradley A. Smith argues that academic efforts to fit campaign finance restrictions within the rubric of the First Amendment have distorted First Amendment doctrine and contributed to a decline in respect for free speech generally. Written as part […]

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Pre-Primary News Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Race: Trump’s Rise, Sanders’ Emergence, Clinton’s Struggle

This analysis by Thomas E. Patterson of the Harvard Kennedy School and Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy evaluates news media coverage of the invisible primary phase of the 2016 presidential campaign through the lens of the election reporting of eight news outlets – CBS, Fox, the Los Angeles Times, NBC, The New […]

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When do the Rich Win?

There is exploding academic and non-academic interest in the relative influence of economic “haves” and “have-nots” on public policy. In a recent, widely referenced 2014 article, Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page compare the influence of upper and middle-income citizens and find that the preferences of the former are all that matter for policy representation. In […]

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