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Policy Primer: Campaign Contribution Limits–A Cap on Free Speech

Although the Supreme Court has upheld some forms of contribution limits, such laws diminish the First Amendment’s guarantee that Congress and the States “shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech….” While many perceive limits to be widespread, many states actually do not limit various forms of contributions to candidates, political parties, or political [...]

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State False Statement Laws: Should the Government Act as the Truth Police?

State False Statement Laws: Should the Government Act as the Truth Police? By Matt Nese and Brennan Mancil This Issue Review discusses the seventeen states that have adopted constitutionally vulnerable “false statement” laws that unwisely put government in the business of acting as the “truth police.” Such statutes cover general speech about a candidate or [...]

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Policy Primer: Taxpayer-Financed Campaigns–A Costly and Failed Policy

Often euphemistically referred to as “clean elections” or public financing, taxpayer-financed campaign programs seek to replace private, voluntary contributions from citizens to their favored candidates with government grants of taxpayer dollars to candidates who meet certain requirements. Commonly promoted as a cure-all for improving government and reducing corruption, an evaluation of Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine’s [...]

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