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Political Climate Change: How Contribution Limits and Campaign Finance Regulations are Lengthening Campaigns for President

Why are campaigns so long these days? Why are so many candidates declaring their candidacies or announcing that they will “test the waters” for a potential presidential campaign in April 2015? It often feels like the campaign season starts earlier each cycle, but does it really? The Center for Competitive Politics looked at the major […]

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Five Misconceptions about “Dark Money”

“Dark money” is a pejorative term for spending on ads urging the election or defeat of candidates by nonprofit groups – typically 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, 501(c)(5) labor unions, and 501(c)(6) trade associations – that do not report the names and addresses of their individual donors to the government, unless donations are earmarked to fund […]

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Increased Campaign Contribution Limits in the FY2015 Omnibus Appropriations Law: Frequently Asked Questions

This Congressional Research Service report, authored by R. Sam Garrett, provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about increased contribution limits on giving to national political party committees enacted and signed into law in December 2014 via the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015. The relevant language changes the amounts the two major […]

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