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Delusions about “Dysfunction”: Understanding the Federal Election Commission

Supporters of more regulation of political speech increasingly seek to discredit the Federal Election Commission (FEC) – the agency with exclusive civil enforcement of federal campaign finance laws. The purpose of these attacks is twofold: first, to pressure other federal agencies, such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal […]

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Is Corporate Political Activity Controversial? New Polling Emphatically Says No.

If the government is considering a law that would damage your business, how would you respond? According to a new poll from the Public Affairs Council (PAC), an overwhelming majority of Americans would attempt to persuade elected officials to change the law to protect their company. These findings challenge the common assertion that Americans don’t […]

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The Victims of “Dark Money” Disclosure: How Government Reporting Requirements Suppress Speech and Limit Charitable Giving

In this Goldwater Institute Policy Report, author Jon Riches highlights the coordinated attack on private political speech under the banner of “dark money” and its dangerous effect on nonprofit organizations. As the report explains, anonymous political speech has been essential to democratic discourse since the founding of our republic. Indeed, ratification of the U.S. Constitution […]

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