USA Today: Campaign finance enforcement chills speech: Column (In the News)

Scott Blackburn While laws that prevent coordination between campaigns are frequently presented as high-minded safeguards against corruption in the political process, those laws can and do become partisan tools to harass and attack political opponents Over-broad investigatory power, as wielded in Wisconsin, is itself a form of speech suppression. That is, if your political participation […]

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Daily Caller: Why Lawrence Lessig Should Love Money In Politics (In the News)

David Keating Lessig, of course, isn’t dissuaded by logic or reason. And why should he be? He has tenure at Harvard. As far as making the Democratic National debate threshold of 1 percent viability in a national poll, “That one percent of America has watched my Ted Talks,” Lessig told the Washington Post.” Watch out […]

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ProPublica: ‘Dark Money’ Debate: Two Views on Whether the Term is Fair Game (In the News)

Cynthia Gordy As the rules around campaign finance have changed, so has our vocabulary. Yet while the term “dark money” has gone mainstream – referring to dollars flowing in from nonprofit groups that are not required to disclose their donors – there is disagreement over whether the phrase is too loaded to be used by […]

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ABC News: Why Carly Fiorina’s Surge Probably Won’t Earn Her a Debate Podium (In the News)

Katherine Faulders and Ryan Struyk But Brad Smith, a former FEC chair turned law professor at Capital University, says that CNN would likely not face legal penalties for changing the rules. “They have no obligation to change their criteria, but I think they can probably do so without much fear,” he told ABC News, adding […]

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Fox News: Man Up, RNC Chairman Priebus, and let the woman speak (In the News)

K.T. McFarland CNN and the RNC say their hands are tied by the Federal Election Commission. They insist debate invitations are determined by an average of several polls that include those before the August debate.Since Fiorina’s rapid climb in the polls was post-debate, she didn’t make the cut. They implied that had Fiorina complained earlier, […]

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Standard News Wire: 58 Organizations: California AG Kamala Harris’s Illegal, Extortionate Privacy Violations Designed to Silence Critics of Politicians (In the News)

American Target Advertising (ATA), the agency of conservative strategist and fundraising pioneer Richard A. Viguerie, along with 57 nonprofit and other organizations today filed a friend-of-the court brief asking the Supreme Court to hear the case Center for Competitive Politics v. Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California. The brief alleges that General Harris is imposing […]

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Cato Institute: The Right to Anonymous Speech and Association (In the News)

Ilya Shapiro and Randal John Meyer Cato, joined by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has filed a brief supporting CCP’s request that the Supreme Court review the case. The Ninth Circuit failed to give proper solicitude to CCP’s constitutional rights here by not applying what lawyers call “heightened scrutiny” at each turn of its analysis. Instead, […]

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Washington Examiner: NAACP v. Alabama for the 21st Century (In the News)

Mark J. Fitzgibbons Now, California’s Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris is adding a new, extortionate twist to old tricks. Ms. Harris oversees licensing of charities and other nonprofits that wish to ask Californians for contributions, and under threat of fines and loss of tax-exempt status is demanding that nonprofit registrants file with her office their […]

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Washington Examiner: Former FEC chair: CNN allowed to change debate rules (In the News)

Eddie Scarry “If I were CNN’s counsel, I would not feel uncomfortable at all in making that change,” Smith said in an interview Friday with the Washington Examiner media desk. Smith, who now teaches election law at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, said a rule change that sought to reflect a dramatic change in the […]

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CNBC: How Trump confounds the money-in-politics debate (In the News)

Daniel Libit David Keating, president of the right-leaning Center for Competitive Politics, a nonprofit group that opposes campaign finance regulations, thinks Trump is actually helping those who argue for more outside money in elections. “He is just acting like a politician trying to get votes,” said Keating. “A rich person almost always is going to […]

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