Intercept: Foreign Money Is Flowing Into U.S. Elections, Alito’s Lying Lips Notwithstanding (In the News)

Jon Schwarz Bradley Smith, a former FEC commissioner and one of the main intellectual forces behind the ongoing deregulation of the U.S. campaign financing system, disagrees strenuously with Weintraub. First, as Smith accurately points out, Citizens United has to date resulted in comparatively small amounts of direct political spending by corporations. According to the Washington […]

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Huffington Post: No, Commissioner Weintraub, the FEC Can’t Circumvent Citizens United (In the News)

Allen Dickerson In an opinion piece published yesterday in The New York Times, Ellen Weintraub, a member of the Federal Election Commission, suggests a way to “blunt the impact” of Citizens United v. FEC. There are reasons to question the propriety of a federal officer attempting to “blunt” a First Amendment ruling against her agency, […]

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Financial Advisor: SEC Scrutinizing Finra Pay-To-Play Proposal (In the News)

Dan Jamieson Facing freedom-of-speech issues, the SEC is taking a closer look at a pay-to-play proposal from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority that would regulate political contributions… Pay-to-play rules are designed to prevent fraud in the awarding of state pension contracts. They can cover a broad array of advisors, including retail reps who may work […]

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Free Speech Under Fire: The Future of the First Amendment – Money and Speech (In the News)

Brooklyn Law School A discussion featuring Professor Bradley Smith, Professor Richard Hasen, Professor Sabeel Rahman and Dean Nicholas Allard, moderated by Professor Joel Gora Watch…

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CPI: Sanders, Clinton want campaign finance overhaul, but face huge obstacles (In the News)

Carrie Levine David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, a nonpartisan group that describes its mission as promoting First Amendment rights, said the proposals laid out by Clinton and Sanders “are all bad ideas.” Keating said having agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission police political disclosure distracts from their core missions and […]

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Denver Post: Colorado’s broken campaign rules (In the News)

Editorial Board Beginning in 2010, and again this month, the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Colorado law governing groups that raise and spend relatively small amounts of money on ballot measures violates those groups’ First Amendment rights. We agree with the court that this is the case, and that it needs to […]

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National Constitution Center: The constitutional and political impact of Citizens United (podcast) (In the News)

What is the state of elections and campaign finance, six years after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission? In that case, the Court held that corporate funding of independent political communications in campaigns for public office cannot be limited under the First Amendment… Joining We the People to explore […]

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Reason: Merrick Garland on Citizens United, the First Amendment, and Campaign Finance Regulation (In the News)

Damon Root In 2010 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a unanimous en banc opinion in the case of v. Federal Election Commission. At issue was the constitutionality of federal campaign finance regulations controlling the actions of independent groups that expressly advocate for and against political candidates. David […]

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The Hill: Want sunshine? Buy loudspeakers (In the News)

Luke Wachob Few people make a habit of reading government websites. They are far more likely to hear about political scandals or instances of corruption through news coverage, from political or membership organizations they belong to, from social media postings, or in conversations with friends and family. If government can restrict any of that speech, […]

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PR Week: What’s next in the legal fight between the PR industry and New York State (In the News)

Jacqueline Renfrow Lasky and the organizations involved believe what they see as a clear violation of their First Amendment rights favors the PR bodies’ cause and that the vagueness of the opinion makes it difficult for PR pros to adhere to the law. “Supreme Court precedent requires that restrictions on speech of matters of public […]

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