In the News: Washington Post (Volokh): Introducing guest blogger Professor Bradley Smith

By EUGENE VOLOKH Smith is also the founder and chairman of the Center for Competitive Politics in Alexandria. Smith is the author of “Unfree Speech: The Folly of Campaign Finance Reform” (Princeton 2001) and co-author of the casebook “Voting Rights and Election Law” with Michael Dimino and Michael Solimine. The New York Times has called [...]

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In the News: Washington Post: Separation of campaign and state

By PROF. BRADLEY A. SMITH If this seems like a formula for some judicial schizophrenia, it is. It is difficult to reconcile “political expression [is] at the core of … the First Amendment,” Buckley,such that “protection of robust discussion is at its zenith,” Meyer v. Grant, with the notion that Congress has “broad authority” to regulate campaign speech, Nixon v. Shrink Missouri Government [...]

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In the News: Syracuse: Supreme Court campaign finance ruling: Experts weigh in on decision (Poll)

By Nick Canedo Former Federal Election Commisioner Bradley A. Smith, now chairman of the Center for Competitive Politics, wrote for Time that the decision restores the First Amendment:   “If nothing else, the real takeaway from today’s opinion is that federal and state governments are not permitted to squelch First Amendment rights based on a fear that monsters [...]

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In the News: Sumner Canary Lecture (October 17, 2011): Saving Elections from Politics

Having the government pay for political campaigns remains unpopular among liberal, conservative, and independent voters. Voters have rejected or repealed government-funded campaigns in Oregon, California, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Missouri. Bradley A. Smith argues it is dangerous to give government control over electoral speech, because the tendency to use such control for partisan purposes is a [...]

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In the News: Forbes: The McCutcheon Supreme Court Case Is A Victory For Free Speech

By Luke Wachob Freedom of speech is often treated as a contemptible burden in American politics; something that must be endured but not respected. When hateful speech is heard, or a wealthy individual spends huge sums of money on speech we disagree with, we commonly ask why they ought to possess a right that we [...]

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In the News: Newsmax: Group Files FOIA Request to FEC Seeking Redacted Report on Crossroads

By Todd Beamon “It’s outrageous that the FEC ignored its own policies and regulations that require this document to be disclosed,” Dave Keating, the center’s president, said in a statement. Crossroads GPS was cofounded by Republican political strategist Karl Rove in 2010. The group spent $70.8 million in the 2010 election cycle. News of the redacted, 76-page report [...]

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In the News: National Journal: Group Wants the FEC to Release Redacted Crossroads GPS Document

By Shane Goldmacher Now the deadlocked commission is presented with a request to hand over the pages—or else. The Center for Competitive Politics, founded by former Republican FEC Commissioner Bradley Smith, aggressively fights campaign finance restrictions, and the missing pages could serve as a road map for political groups for how far a nonprofit can [...]

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In the News: NY Daily News: Democracy will thrive post-McCutcheon

 By CCP Academic Advisor Joel Gora Those critics made similar predictions when the Citizens United decision came down four years ago, and they were wrong. Despite the tsunami of protest against that much-maligned and much-misunderstood ruling that importantly protected First Amendment free speech rights, no major realignment in our politics occurred.   The alarmists are [...]

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In the News: NPR: Supreme Court Lifts Major Limit on Campaign Spending

  On Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for donors to give more money directly to congressional candidates, mirroring a similar decision from 2010 with the Citizens United case. Supporters say the ruling protects the free speech rights of donors, while critics fear it will give wealthy individuals more influence in politics. We’ll [...]

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In the News: Politico: Big money’s grip stronger than ever

By Alexander Burns To opponents of campaign finance regulation, the tangled mass of spending rules that remain intact serve to only confuse voters and snarl campaigns in an increasingly arbitrary regulatory maze. They point to a number of states that allow totally unrestricted political giving, like Virginia and Texas, to make the case that a system with [...]

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