NY Post: A rush to take Shelly‘s ‘reform’ advice (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn Failed gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout claims unironically that, “We should take this moment to pursue fundamental reform . . . We need to provide enough public funding for campaigns so that anyone with a broad base of support can run for office, and respond effectively to attacks, without becoming dependent on private patrons.” By this logic, the only solution [...]

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Washington Times: Dire predictions about Citizens United prove false (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn Let us quickly dismiss some of the factual inaccuracies contained in these early 2010 predictions. Contrary to the president’s claim, foreign corporations cannot, nor could they at any time since the 1970s, contribute to or spend money, directly or indirectly, on U.S. elections. Citizens United did not overturn the ban on corporate donations to political [...]

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The New Orleans Advocate: Gov. Bobby Jindal organizing national fundraising (In the News)

By Gregory Roberts David Keating, president of the nonprofit Center for Competitive Politics in northern Virginia and a plaintiff on the winning side of the Speechnow case, thinks the courts were right to rule in favor of the freedom-of-speech guarantee in the First Amendment, which he calls “probably the best invention ever.” As a result of the 2010 decisions, [...]

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Boston Globe: Campaign finance reform group asked to clean up its records (In the News)

By James Pindell But to advocates for less campaign finance regulation, the commission inquiries into Mayday are ironic. “If more speech regulation is such a good idea, then how come a Harvard Law professor with a multimillion-dollar budget can’t follow the laws that exist now?” said David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics. Mayday [...]

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CFIF: Political Speech Rights (Audio)

Scott Blackburn, Research Fellow at the Center for Competitive Politics, discusses the effects of campaign-finance regulations on free political speech and participation, and how not even reformers can follow campaign-finance laws.  Read more…

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Washington Post: How a political opinion cost a D.C. activist $2,000 (In the News)

By Eric Wang Civic-minded citizens of the District: Think twice the next time you write a blog entry, post on Facebook or Twitter or attend a meeting or rally to support or oppose a ballot initiative. You could be required to register and report with the city or else pay a large fine. The Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) [...]

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Washington Examiner: Citizens United: It’s about free speech (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn This week marks the fifth anniversary of Citizens United — the most maligned, degraded, and vilified Supreme Court decision of the last decade. But it is a decision that deserves celebration. On this day five years ago, the court continued a proud tradition of protecting our right to free political speech. The decision was controversial. It [...]

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The Hill: Bringing political parties up to speed (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Our democracy is being flooded – with bad punditry. When news broke before the holidays that Congressional leaders had struck a deal to increase the amount of money political parties can raise from donors for specific purposes, a tidal wave of cynical and short-sighted commentary crashed down upon an unsuspecting nation. Longtime advocate of [...]

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Concurring Opinions: Citizens United: it was 5 years ago today — 13 First Amendment lawyers & scholars offer differing views (In the News)

By Ronald K.L. Collins Allen Dickerson: “Citizens United has become a symbol onto which politicians and commentators project their own hopes, agendas, and insecurities. But cutting through the rhetoric, the case asked a simple question: on what principled basis could the government ban a nonprofit’s documentary while permitting corporate newspaper endorsements? The Court, correctly, said ‘none.’ Nevertheless, legislatures and [...]

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MSNBC: ‘Citizens United’ fallout ‘more dangerous’ than expected (In the News)

By Alex Seitz-Wald For conservatives, this is vindication of their support for Citizens United. “Corporate money is not swamping the system, and elections are more competitive,” Brad Smith, the founder of the Center for Competitive Politics said earlier this month at a conference of the American Association of Law Schools.   Read more…

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