NY Times: The Stock Market Doesn’t Care About Elections

By DAVID M. PRIMO and TRUNG A. DANG HOW much do investors care about election outcomes? In the wake of Wednesday’s stock market rally, in which both the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average rose sharply a day after the midterm elections, pundits suggested that the answer was “quite a bit.” Such [...]

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Politico (Morning Score): Catching up on the close races — Dems get a wake-up call on technology — Surprising changes in the cash race (In the News)

– The Center for Competitive Politics, which opposes many of the campaign finance restrictions Mayday supports, did a victory lap Wednesday. “[V]oters are more comfortable with the campaign finance system than some believe. Voters do not vote based on campaign finance concerns. And second, no one, not even a well-financed Super PAC, can buy elections results — voters [...]

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Las Vegas Review Journal: Nevada Supreme Court hears arguments over political flyers (In the News)

By Sean Whaley CARSON CITY – An attorney for the conservative group Citizen Outreach told the Nevada Supreme Court on Monday that because political flyers distributed by the group criticizing a former lawmaker in 2010 did not contain the words “vote for” or “vote against,” they did not qualify as express advocacy requiring the reporting of who [...]

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Washington Examiner: A response on campaign finance reform (In the News)

By Larry Noble In a recent op-ed, Joe Trotter, Media Manager for the Center for Competitive Politics argues that a chart prepared by the Campaign Legal Center that broadly summarizes the disclosure requirements for political ads shows that the current campaign finance rules are too complex. This may come as a surprise to CCP, but we agree that the [...]

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Baltimore Sun: Sarbanes models a different kind of election focused on small donors (In the News)

By John Fritze Critics question whether the proposal would result in the kind of transformative change in Washington that Sarbanes envisions, with candidates choosing to raise money from their voters instead of lobbyists. The skeptics include Bradley A. Smith, the Republican former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “I’ll tell you who raises money from small donors: Sarah [...]

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Daily Interlake: Political speech, regulation and freedom: A case study (In the News)

By Eric Wang As a preliminary matter, if there is any misleading or undue influence in this whole sordid affair, it is Montana officials’ brazen attempt to deter political speech by invoking intimidating but ultimately fatuous legal theories. The mailer in question, which merely provides the correct date of the election and information about the candidates, and which [...]

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Journal Sentinel: Judge hears arguments in campaign coordination case (In the News)

By Bruce Vielmetti  A federal judge on Thursday heard arguments about whether he should dismiss a lawsuit that contends Wisconsin campaign finance laws — as interpreted by state election officials and a prosecutor — infringe on free speech rights. The issue is whether its legal for outside groups to coordinate with political candidates and their campaigns to influence [...]

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Empower Texans: TEC Defies Supreme Court, Constitution (In the News)

By Michael Quinn Sullivan Despite a gubernatorial veto last year, the opposition of two-thirds of the state senate and the majority of the House Republican caucus, the Texas Ethics Commission has moved forward with unconstitutional rules that they were specifically warned against implementing by six incoming state senators. At today’s hearing, commissioners were warned by David Keating, a constitutional law expert who [...]

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Washington Examiner: Campaign finance law is too complex (In the News)

By Joe Trotter Writing for the U.S. Supreme Court majority in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: “The First Amendment does not permit laws that force speakers to retain a campaign finance attorney, conduct demographic marketing research, or seek declaratory rulings before discussing the most salient political issues of our day.” Unfortunately, campaign finance laws and [...]

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CPI: Power shifts to outsiders in U.S. Senate fight (In the News)

By Michael Beckel David Keating, the president of the Center for Competitive Politics, which favors increased deregulation in elections, sees this as a positive development. “Whenever there’s more speech that means there’s more information for voters,” says Keating, adding that such information helps “drive” voters to the polls. Challengers, in particular, he continued, are generally helped “when there’s [...]

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