Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Are Campaign Disclosure Laws Unconstitutional? (Video)

Center for Competitive Politics Legal Director Allen Dickerson on the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that state campaign-disclosure laws violate the First Amendment. Watch…

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The Hill: Dark money threatens democracy (In the News)

By Robert Maguire The Center for Competitive Politics’ Luke Wachob recently wrote in The Hill’s Congress blog arguing that the increasing amount of money spent in U.S. elections by organizations that do not disclose their donors is being exaggerated. Wachob argues that, despite all the hoopla, this “dark money” spending only makes up a small percentage of [...]

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The Objective Standard: Colorado Judge: Today’s “Tom Paine’s Pamphlet” Is Protected Speech (In the News)

By Ari Armstrong A consequence of the laws is that many people who might otherwise speak out about political matters choose not to do so. I personally have declined to pursue ideas for producing and distributing political flyers because of the onerous burdens of the campaign laws. And those who do choose to proceed with their political [...]

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Wall Street Journal: Political Spending Double-Cross (In the News)

Editorial According to an analysis by the Center for Competitive Politics, in 2014 35.8% of companies whose disclosure scores were in the top quarter of the 2013 Wharton-Zicklin index received proxies, compared to 22.6% of companies whose disclosure scores were ranked in the lowest quarter. The same pattern held in the previous year. Companies in Wharton-Zicklin’s highest [...]

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Bloomberg: New Super-PAC Takes Midterm Lead for Kochs (In the News)

By Annie Linskey By shifting ad spending to a super-PAC, the Kochs won’t need to worry about whether the IRS decides to amend disclosure rules, impose new limits on campaign-related activities or if any of the ongoing legal battles trigger changes. “All these groups have to consider what that IRS might construe as political,” said [...]

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Law & Politics Update: In Independence Institute, a Pro-Disclosure Decision—But With No Disclosure to Follow (In the News)

By Brian Svoboda In Independence Institute, the district court was emphatic that neither Wisconsin Right to Life nor Citizens United provided any basis to curtail disclosure. The district court said that Wisconsin Right to Life involved only “the regulation of expenditures,” not “the disclosure requirements,” and that  Citizens United“squarely foreclosed” any effort to narrow disclosure. The unavoidable implication of the district court’s opinion is that the FEC’s [...]

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The Hill: Dark money still a bit player (In the News)

By Luke Wachob What would you call an election in which over 95 percent of campaign spending is funded by groups that publicly disclose the names and addresses of their donors to the Federal Election Commission, along with information on donors’ employers and occupations? The Huffington Post’s Paul Blumenthal calls it “the dark money election.” The Center for Responsive Politics, which [...]

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WGSO: Eyes will be on Senate campaign fundraising (In the News)

“We think that’s a pretty good deal,” said David Keating, president of the nonprofit Center for Competitive Politics in northern Virginia and a plaintiff on the winning side of the SpeechNow case. “More spending means more information, and more voters turning out. “The rise in spending is because the courts have recognized that the First Amendment [...]

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Philanthropy Daily: Lies, damned lies, and polls (In the News)

Note: The Center for Competitive Politics did not write this article, rather quoted three paragraphs from the story simply because we were mentioned in it. By Scott Walter Yet 51% of those polled refused to take the bait and say they support “more clear and fair rules,” along with baseball, mom, and apple pie. I’d say [...]

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Wall Street Journal (LTE): Lack of Privacy Limits Legitimate Conservative Activity (In the News)

By Chris Moore With regard to what we do know about political donations, the unions that sponsor the pension funds that are at the forefront of corporate-disclosure activism arguably are the largest institutional participants in the political process. Only heavily regulated and unionized businesses in the telecommunications, finance, health and defense sectors give unions a run for [...]

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