Reason: IRS Scandal Implicates Democrats (In the News)

By A. Barton Hinkle That becomes apparent from a complaint filed this month with the Senate’s ethics committee by the Center for Competitive Politics. The complaint asks thecommittee to investigate Sens. Carl Levin, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, and several others for improperly trying to sway IRS deliberations and obtain confidential taxpayer information. Admittedly, asking the Democrat-controlled committee to investigate Democrats for targeting Republican-leaning groups is a Quixotic [...]

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Monticello Times: Reader questions Sen. Al Franken’s position on IRS, non-profit groups (In the News)

By Bob Esse And Sen. Franken wrote two times in two separate months pushing the IRS to stop the approvals of these organizations. You do not need to be a partisan person to say it is wrong for someone from the Congress to write urging that a branch of the government select certain groups for harassing. President Barack Obama most likely did not participate in this illegal act but [...]

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Washington Post: Conservative group sues for FEC report on Crossroads GPS (In the News)

By Josh Hicks The Center for Competitive Politics has asked for an unpublished report on the FEC’s review of Crossroads GPS, but the agency has declined to provide the document under a Freedom of Information Act request, citing an exemption that allows agencies to withhold details of their deliberative processes. Government-transparency advocates have criticized the Obama administrationfor its increased use [...]

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Chamber of Commerce: Exposed: The Campaign to Silence the Business Community (In the News)

By Sean Hackbarth By “co-opting various reputable organizations” like the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, CPA coordinates an effort to perpetuate “the myth that increased disclosure has mainstream support from the business community.” Activist groups like ThinkProgress and Media Matters then latch onto this false narrative to pressure public companies through letter-writing campaigns, shareholder resolutions, and lawsuits to disclose their public policy advocacy [...]

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Washington Examiner: Watchdog group claims Federal Election Commission improperly denied FOIA request (In the News)

By Spencer Brown CCP believes “the two documents have unknown differences in the legal test used by the FEC’s General Counsel to determine if an organization must register as a political committee.” In this, the CCP claims, “the FEC hid this possible change from organizations seeking to comply with the FEC’s interpretation of federal law.”   Read more…

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National Journal: Conservative Group Sues FEC for Redacted Crossroads Document (In the News)

By Shane Goldmacher The document, a first draft from the general counsel’s office, would be closely analyzed by political attorneys for insights into the commission’s thinking in cases of nonprofits. It could also serve as a road map for campaigns to avoid FEC enforcement. On Monday, the right-leaning group sued to see the sealed pages. “The FEC ignored the law and its own policies and regulations that require publication of the document,” said [...]

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The Libertarian Republic: Senators Hold Hearing About Abandoning the First Amendment (In the News)

By Joe Trotter The amendment, written by Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and co-sponsored by 41 senators, would allow Congress to regulate “the amount of contributions to candidates for nomination to, or for election to, Federal office; and (2) the amount of funds that may be spent by, in support of, or in opposition to such candidates.”  According to the [...]

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Charitable Planning: Another Front Opens in (c)(4) Controversy (In the News)

The Center for Competitive Politics complaint cited Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Richard Durbin (D-IL) for similar efforts, which were focused specifically on Crossroads GPS, a group co-founded by former White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove.   As recounted in the complaint, Sen. Levin repeatedly asked the IRS whether Crossroads and certain other groups were under active investigation (see our [...]

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Star-Tribune: Wyoming lawmakers want to repeal caps to PAC spending (In the News)

By LAURA HANCOCK Today’s aggregate limit is $25,000. On Jan. 1, it will increase to $50,000, said Anne Marie Mackin, of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Competitive Politics. The organization calls itself the country’s largest organization dedicated solely to First Amendment political rights. In a May letter, it threatened that the state could be sued for ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court reasoned that giving a contribution to additional [...]

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The Center for Competitive Politics has a new white paper on the threats that corporations face from transparency activists: “A cadre of unions, public pension funds and activist investors are pursuing actions that would selectively burden American public companies from exercising their First Amendment rights to participate in public dialogue.” Read the report here:   Read more…

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