Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Don’t fear Wisconsin campaign finance fix (In the News)

Eric Wang The Brennan Center further objects that “limiting disclosure to groups that run ads explicitly asking viewers to vote for or against a candidate means that the vast majority of super PAC and other outside spending will stay in the shadows.” To the contrary, the legislation requires super PACs to “make full reports…of all […]

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National Review Online: Why the Media Hate Super PACs (In the News)

Bradley A. Smith In a world that values free speech, super PACs should be a welcome part of the political landscape. Their ads promoting Jeb and Hillary will run alongside ads by Trump and Sanders, ads by the DNC and by the RNC, and ads by groups that want less government spending or more environmental […]

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Washington Free Beacon: Nonprofit Asks Supreme Court to Protect Donors from California Regulator (In the News)

Lachlan Markay Harris has said she will not make that information public and that it will only be used for the attorney general’s internal compliance and enforcement activities. But CCP says there is no California statute that bars officials from publicly disclosing that information if Harris or some future attorney general decides to do so. […]

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Wall Street Journal: Show Us Your Donors (In the News)

Editorial Board But in 2014 California Attorney General Kamala Harris began demanding that nonprofits turn over unredacted donor names as a condition of soliciting donors in California. The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), a 501(c)(3) that works on election law, sued on grounds that compelling that disclosure violates the First Amendment (Center for Competitive Politics […]

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Washington Post: California’s Attack on Free Speech (In the News)

George F. Will There the Democratic attorney general has decreed that all entities wishing to solicit tax-deductible contributions in California must disclose their donors to the state government. One such entity — unfortunately for the attorney general, but fortunately for the cause of freedom — is the Center for Competitive Politics. Its litigators are tenacious […]

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Al Jazeera America: Twitter enters campaign funding game, promising transparency (In the News)

Dave Levinthal But Twitter’s nascent PAC, which is poised to make its first-ever federal campaign contributions, plans to disclose such donations within 48 hours — tweet-like speed, relatively speaking, company officials tell the Center for Public Integrity… Twitter’s PAC has raised about $95,000 — and spent less than $800 — since its creation in August […]

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Maine Wire: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Spend More? (In the News)

Luke Wachob The narrative that tax–financed campaigns have been a success in Maine is a creation of politicians who prefer to get money without having to ask for it, coupled with activists who want to see government play a larger role in campaigns. Every government program that spends money has a constituency ready to fight […]

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Washington Examiner: Progressive activists attempt to silence the business community (In the News)

Brad Smith & Scott Blackburn Should businesses engage in political activity to protect jobs, fight unnecessary regulations or reduce costs? Most Americans think so. Ninety-eight percent of Americans say if they ran a company facing burdensome laws and regulations, they would take some sort of political action. Even corporate lobbying is supported by large majorities […]

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National Law Journal: Brief of the Week: Making the Case for Anonymous Donors (In the News)

Jamie Schuman For all of the donors who like to publicize their charitable gifts, there are many who prefer to give anonymously. But California is making nonprofits that want to solicit funds there turn over their donors’ names to the state. A cert petition before the U.S. Supreme Court in Center for Competitive Politics v. […]

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Daily Caller: Government Shouldn’t Have The Power To Ban Books – Or Movies, For That Matter (In the News)

Luke Wachob The exchange continued as Alito pressed the government to answer whether a 500-page book with just one line urging people to vote for a candidate could be banned. The government argued that if it was published with corporate funds, then yes, it could be banned near an election. Suddenly, the stakes of the […]

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