ABC News: Cash-Rich Super PACs Prolong Flagging Presidential Campaigns (In the News)

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press Those super PAC investments work as an incentive against a candidate giving up too soon, however dim the prospects. While super PACs have dumped buckets of money into politics, they’ve also helped ensure a more competitive democratic process, said Bradley Smith, a former federal elections commissioner who advocates for looser fundraising […]

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Why do candidates suspend their campaigns instead of ending them? (In the News)

Jason Russell Legally, “suspending” a campaign means nothing to the Federal Election Commission. But eventually a candidate has to formally terminate his campaign with the FEC. Before that, it needs to finish paying staff salaries, wind down any leases and pay off debt. “You can’t turn these things off, they’re not like a light switch,” […]

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Townhall: The Free Speech Silver Lining in the Budget Cloud (In the News)

Phil Kerpen The massive omnibus package of tax and spending changes recently passed by Congress was mostly a defeat for free-market economics. It extended expensive giveaways for the wind and solar industries, allowed President Obama to fund his Paris climate agreement, funded the president’s aggressive regulatory agenda, and even green-lit his IMF reform.  But the […]

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Bloomberg: Koch Brothers Group Can’t Keep Donor List From California (In the News)

Edvard Pettersson The three-judge appeals panel said in an unanimous decision that the organization, which promotes causes such as limiting the size and power of government, didn’t show it has reason to fear disclosure of the information the attorney general requires for enforcing laws on charitable organizations. “To the extent the district court found actual […]

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Washington Examiner: Congress moves to protect free speech from bureaucratic assault (In the News)

Luke Wachob Seven provisions of the deal will help encourage more speech or put a halt to various efforts to increase regulation of political speech via the executive branch. After years of losing at the Supreme Court, in Congress and at the Federal Election Commission, those who wish to limit speech under the guise of […]

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Daily Caller: Citizens United Allows Everyone To Air Their Grievances (In the News)

Brian Walsh Now, imagine that the government had any laws restricting the right of citizens to “air their grievances” about candidates running for office. Those who wish to criticize politicians could only do so under the government’s seal of approval. In other words, the government would be basically saying “No speech for you!” Sadly, there […]

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An Embarrassment at the FEC

If you want to know why things seem so contentious at the Federal Election Commission, we would call your attention to a recent Statement of Reasons by Commissioners Ann Ravel and Ellen Weintraub. Last month, in MUR 6535, the Commission reached a conciliation agreement with Restore Our Future, a Super PAC that advocated the election of […]

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The Blaze: New IRS Rule a Gift to Hackers and Ruthless Politicians (In the News)

Mario Diaz Free speech is very clearly an issue here. Similar attempts to muzzle and restrict political involvement are growing around the country. Just recently, Concerned Women of America submitted a brief to the Supreme Court asking the justices to address similar issues in a California case (Center for Competitive Politics v. Harris) where Attorney […]

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Daily Signal: Campaign Finance Measure Opposed by Conservatives Kept Out of Spending Deal (In the News)

Melissa Quinn “It was strongly pro-First Amendment, and so we’d like to see more free speech, and the campaign finance law provided for it,” he said in an interview with The Daily Signal of McConnell’s measure. Keating continued: “I’m optimistic that it’s going to pass in the near future. To my mind, it’s not a […]

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Washington Free Beacon: Free Speech Groups Hail First Amendment Wins in Congressional Deal (In the News)

Lachlan Markay David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, joked that the provision could be dubbed “the Lois Lerner Memorial Act of 2015.” “I think the investigators were really frustrated that they didn’t get [Lerner’s] emails,” Keating said in an interview. “It also raises security issues. The tax laws have a lot of […]

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