American Thinker: 9th Circuit Court’s Democratic Campaign Contribution (In the News)

By Mark J. Fitzgibbons Charities and other nonprofits that ask Californians for donations must first register with Ms. Harris’ office. Although not expressly authorized by statute, Harris demands that, to receive a license, nonprofits file their IRS Form 990 Schedule B listing their top donors even though federal law treats that information as confidential. CCP has been a […]

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National Journal: How Super PACs Will Strengthen Democracy in 2016 (In the News)

By Josh Kraushaar It’s easy to get awed by large sums of money these days. Ted Cruz securing $31 million in a week from a new network of supportive super PACs. One wealthy former Philadelphia Eagles owner pledging to spend $10 million to a super PAC to boost Marco Rubio’s campaign. Jeb Bush wowing donors with comments […]

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LA Times: California charities must disclose major donors, court rules (In the News)

By Maura Dolan David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, said the group planned to appeal. “We think the decision is wrong and threatens 1st Amendment speech rights,” he said in a statement.   Read more…

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Central Valley Business Times: Court: State can compel disclosure of political donors (In the News)

The “Center for Competitive Politics” had sought an injunction stopping the state from getting its list of major donors. The appellate court says disclosure is not injurious to the Center and its supporters’ exercise of their First Amendment rights to freedom of association. Without qualifying for the registry, a non-profit cannot solicit tax-deductible contributions in California.  Read more…

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Real Clear Politics: First Amendment Rights at Stake in Wis. Political Speech Case (In the News)

By David Keating It is 3 a.m. when the pounding begins. You awake in daze, your dog is barking, your children are frightened and you can hear voices yelling at the front door. You look outside to see armed police officers, poised with a battering ram, ready to break into your home. You run, half-dressed, to the […]

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The Arizona Republic: ‘Dark money’ supporters say secrecy prevents retribution (In the News)

By Rebekah L. Sanders When a political donation becomes controversial, a CEO like Eich can make ends meet while searching for another job, Altman said. But other people don’t have that luxury. When a low-level employee of a Catholic hospital is found to support a pro-abortion group, the consequences are worse, he said. Today’s online records make […]

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Acton Institute: Proxy Disclosure Resolutions About Politics, Not Transparency (In the News)

By Bruce Edward Walker This past week, The Huffington Post’s Paul Blumenthal offered up a piece of agitprop masquerading as trenchant political analysis. It seems – well, not seems inasmuch as Blumenthal pretty much declares outright – that he isn’t much of a fan of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s antipathy toward shareholder proxy resolutions promoting political spending disclosure policies. Likewise, […]

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Michigan Live: Do political donors deserve privacy? Michigan debate takes on anonymous giving (In the News)

By Jonathan Oosting LANSING, MI — Anonymous contributions are playing a growing role in U.S. politics, but private donations are not always a bad thing, according to Bradley A. Smith, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “People have a lot of reasons to want to be private,” said Smith, chairman of the Center for Competitive Politics and […]

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The Weekly Standard: So, What About Money in Politics? (In the News)

By Jay Cost Second, Citizens United is court-made law and thus lacks democratic legitimacy. The people’s representatives never debated or endorsed it. This makes it an easy target for Democrats looking to preen about good government while lining their pockets. Under our system, of course, the Supreme Court has the authority to rule on the […]

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CNN: Campaign finance debate heats up ahead of 2016 (In the News)

By Theodore Schleifer This latest strand of optimism, though, is just a false hope in professional reformers’ “endless fantasy,” said Bradley Smith, a former chair of the Federal Elections Commission who supports relaxing campaign finance regulations. “It’s like watching Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football,” Smith said, recalling the energy that fizzled when “Granny D” trotted across the […]

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