Washington Free Beacon: Dems on FEC Target Corporations in Attempt to ‘Blunt’ First Amendment (In the News)

Joe Schoffstall Allen Dickerson, the legal director of the Center for Competitive Politics, also expressed concern over Weintraub’s desire to “blunt” a First Amendment ruling. “There are reasons to question the propriety of a federal officer attempting to ‘blunt’ a First Amendment ruling against her agency, and I am unaware of another federal entity whose […]

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Independent Journal: The Left Screams That There’s Too Much Money In Politics, But They’re Forgetting One Major Thing… (In the News)

Luke Wachob As reality repeatedly contradicts the notion that democracy is for sale, the coalition advocating limits on free speech has begun to fracture. Organizations such as the Brookings Institution and the Brennan Center for Justice have started to recognize that some of the dysfunction in government is caused by the countless rules and regulations […]

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Wall Street Journal: The Case for a Really Open GOP Convention (In the News)

Kimberley A. Strassel Eric O’Keefe is here to say: whoa. The veteran Republican grass-roots activist sees a contested convention as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the delegates of a private political party to assert their power. The results of the GOP primaries are hardly representative of the party’s will, Mr. O’Keefe says, because state parties have […]

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Washington Post: How a film about Obama’s communist ‘real father’ won at the FEC (In the News)

David Weigel In 2014, a progressive activist named Loren Collins filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Gilbert, arguing that the filmmaker had a responsibility to disclose his donors. The FEC finally weighed in last month, and in a typical 3-3 split decision — by law, the FEC is perpetually split between Democratic and Republican […]

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DecodeDC: The FEC is a watchdog that doesn’t bite (In the News)

Jimmy Williams Brad Smith, Trevor Potter and Larry Noble discuss the FEC – its history, its structure, and the current perceptions of the agency. Listen…

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How ‘Citizens United’ is helping Hillary Clinton win the White House (In the News)

Dave Levinthal In the meantime, there’s one man who’s convinced Clinton will use every political weapon at her disposal in order to again reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — the father of super PACs. “Seems she believes what she’s doing is not harmful for the system, and she doesn’t think it’s corrupting her,” said David […]

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Cato Institute: Citizens United and the Role of the FEC (In the News)

 Caleb Brown To what extent should the Federal Election Commission attempt to blunt the impact of the Citizens United decision? Allen Dickerson with the Center for Competitive Politics comments. Listen…

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Acton Institute: A ‘moral imperative’ or just another exercise in green politicking? (In the News)

Bruce Walker The ICCR resolution calls upon ExxonMobil Corporation to take action intended to mitigate climate change. ExxonMobil requested the SEC deny the ICCR resolution on the grounds it was based mainly on nonspecific greenhouse-gas reduction targets and unclear strategies to achieve them. Since that post, I received an email from a subject matter expert […]

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Open Secrets: An FEC warning on LLC gifts to super PACs? (In the News)

Alex Glorioso Disputes in these cases aside, the Republicans now are clearly on record saying that LLC contributions won’t fly in the future in at least some cases. “What the Republicans are saying, in light of [Citizens United], is that they don’t think the defendants should be fined,” said Smith. “But they do say it’s […]

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Washington Post: Group continues fight against Delaware campaign finance law (In the News)

Associated Press Attorneys for Delaware Strong Families filed a petition last week asking the court to hear the case. The group is challenging a 2012 law regarding third-party entities working independently of political candidates to influence elections. The law requires groups that spend $500 or more during an election period on third-party advertisements to disclose […]

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