Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio’s false statement law impedes political discourse (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn In the recent unanimous Supreme Court decision, Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, the court expressed deep skepticism about this type of political gamesmanship and ruled that a lower court erred in refusing to even consider whether the law is unconstitutional. The law, quite simply, puts bureaucrats (whose salaries are controlled by incumbents) in a position of [...]

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Forbes: After Public Outcry, IRS To ‘Reconsider’ Its Attempt To Police Non-Profit Speech (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Citizens and organizations alike noted that the proposed rule would shut down a number of common, non-partisan functions that non-profits perform to promote social welfare. For example, the rule would reclassify voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote drives, meet-the-candidate forums, grassroots lobbying of elected officials and candidates, and the production of nonpartisan voter guides as “candidate-related political activity.” Once [...]

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WND: ‘Rotten, broken IRS cannot be repaired’ (In the News)

By Jerome R. Corsi “Get the IRS out of the ‘speech police business’ as soon as possible,” David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics testified. “The IRS has proved it is incompetent at policing speech.” He argued the current law as written places political advocacy groups seeking tax-favored status at the mercy of IRS agents who [...]

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Slate: New IRS Bombshell: Lois Lerner Bemoaned Right-Wing Crazies (In the News)

By David Weigel No, it is not over. This morning, a smaller-than-usual group of House Oversight Committee members waged a friendly IRS scandal interrogation of four conservative witnesses, from Cleta Mitchell (who’s representing some Tea Party groups in a lawsuit) to David Keating (formerly at the Club for Growth, now at the Center for Competitive [...]

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Wall Street Journal: Give Us Your Donors, or Else (In the News)

Editorial In California, meanwhile, the Center for Competitive Politics is challenging the Golden State’s requirement that the group must cough up its donors if it wants a license to solicit contributions. The state says the power to seek donor information has been on the books for years, but the Center for Competitive Politics says the state’s [...]

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More Soft Money Hard Law: The Coordination of Issue Advocacy Part II: Progressive Conflicts and a Hypothetical (In the News)

By Bob Bauer The theory behind keeping candidates from coordinating with “outside group” issue advocacy is that the candidates have to account for the benefits they receive from associating with their allies. If the groups spend money on issues also identified with the candidates, then the candidates are getting “contributions” that must be tracked and [...]

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Washington Examiner: McCutcheon hysterics should breathe deep and look at facts (In the News)

By Luke Wachob A new report analyzing the policy implications of the Supreme Court’s biggest campaign finance case of the year, McCutcheon v. FEC, suggests that the controversy surrounding the decision is severely overblown. Prior to the case, few people seemed to care about, or even be aware of, aggregate contribution limit laws, which limit [...]

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CPI: Is this super PAC subverting disclosure rules? (In the News)

By Michael Beckel Super PACs are supposed to disclose the identities of their donors. Except when they don’t, exactly. Nearly all of the money raised by the Citizens for a Working America PAC, a super PAC that’s spent more than $2 million on ads boosting businessman David Perdue in Georgia’s contentious Republican U.S. Senate primary, has [...]

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The Hill: Get the IRS out of the speech-police business (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Take some debunked IRS talking points. Add misleading context. Now subtract any mention of the role played by politicians and groups advocating for greater regulation of political speech. This recipe for disaster is Lisa Gilbert’s recent Hill article on the IRS scandal, and it begs for correction. The IRS scandal, for those needing a reminder, concerns [...]

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National Review: Does Religious Speech Threaten Democracy? (In the News)

By Zac Morgan Section 2 allows Congress to explicitly ban corporations or other associations from spending money to influence elections — but Lord only knows what “influencing elections” actually means. (To give you an idea, a surprising number of states, even with the protections of the current First Amendment, seem to believe it includes saying the name of [...]

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