Washington Examiner: Supreme Court could complicate Scott Walker’s campaign (In the News)

By Sean Higgins Bradley Smith, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, says there is a good chance that the justices will take the case. The Club for Growth’s petition involves First Amendment issues in political fundraising, which the court has delved into numerous times in recent years, and the claim that the state-level courts cannot resolve the issue fairly […]

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Hartford Courant: Don’t Limit Election Free Speech (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn Putting aside the clear legal problems, taxing something necessarily means you will get less of it, and what do campaign donations “buy”? Political speech! Does Connecticut really want less of that? Less discussion of candidates for office, and less information for voters? As Americans, we should not try to limit, in any […]

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NPR’s To the Point: Sugar Daddies, Super PAC’s and Winning the White House (In the News)

The US Supreme Court has taken the lid off political spending, so presidential candidates are lining up billionaires to finance next year’s campaigns. It’s not just the South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries any more. There’s the “Adelson primary” and the “Koch primary” facetiously named for Republican mega-donors. Hillary Clinton is cozying up to super-rich […]

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Time: Meet the Man Who Invented the Super PAC (In the News)

By Alex Altman The mastermind behind the super PAC has no regrets. “My only regret is the backlash,” David Keating says with a wry smile.   Keating is one of the most influential political activists you’ve never heard of. He was the architect of a federal lawsuit that ended in a landmark 2010 court ruling […]

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AP: Super PACs rise in influence in 2016 campaign (In the News)

By Ken Thomas and Steve Peoples Counters David Keating of the right-leaning Center for Competitive Politics, “I think this is overblown. The line has been drawn: It’s the First Amendment. So if people want to speak, let them.” The primary benefit for campaigns of the super PACs is that they can raise and spend unlimited amounts […]

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Non Profit Times: Nonprofit Must Disclose Donors, Says Court (In the News)

By Mark Hrywna CCP will review the 29-page opinion, issued May 1, and could pursue it to the Supreme Court. “The ruling asks us to make an impossible choice: either retroactively disclose donors to the Attorney General or cease asking Californians to support our work to defend free speech,” President David Keating said in a […]

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The Neverending Campaign (In the News)

Editorial You hear it all the time: Are presidential campaigns getting longer, or do they just seem longer? A new report from the Center for Competitive Politics laid a measuring tape on campaigns from 1952 onward, and yes, they are longer.   Changes in media intensity and other issues have contributed, but the authors point […]

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American Spectator: Making Sense of the IRS Scandal (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Lois Lerner may be gone, but the IRS is still threating to infringe upon First Amendment rights. In the same vein, a new TIGTA report issued on April 30 praised the IRS for reducing its backload of applications and making some changes to its screening process, such as standardizing the questions asked of groups, but noted that […]

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Politico: The FEC’s ‘non-partisan’ whistleblower (In the News)

By Tarini Parti But past and present Republican commissioners don’t believe publicizing the agency should be part of the FEC chair’s role and think it might have done more harm than good. “Chair Ravel has been very public about her views, inviting questions about her impartiality through her public remarks concerning matters before the FEC and specific […]

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Venable: Federal Appeals Court Affirms Mandatory Filing of Unredacted Donor List by Charities Registered for Solicitations in California (In the News)

In order to solicit charitable contributions in California, charities must be registered with the California Office of Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts and, subsequently, file annual reports to maintain their registration, which requires submitting a Form 990 Schedule B. Charities have successfully submitted redacted copies of their Form 990 Schedule B to the state […]

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