AP: Nearly 5 dozen give a third of all ’16 campaign cash (In the News)

Julie Bykowicz and Jack Gillum “Big money gives us more competitive elections by helping many more candidates spread their message,” said David Keating, director of the Center for Competitive Politics, which advocates for fewer campaign finance limits… Many say their contributions, which the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized as equivalent to free speech, merely reflect […]

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New York Times: Small Pool of Rich Donors Dominates Election Giving (In the News)

Nicholas Confessore, Sarah Cohen and Karen Yourish “Most start-up operations need an angel investor: someone who believes in the project and the candidate and puts money in to make it viable,” said David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, which pushes for fewer limits on campaign giving. He said the potential for corruption […]

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New York Times: When Nonprofits Funnel Campaign Money (LTE) (In the News)

Luke Wachob Privacy and free speech reside at the core of the constitutional rights of Americans, and the Internal Revenue Service risks trampling on those rights when it goes outside its role as tax collector to regulate political activity. After years of investigations into I.R.S. treatment of Tea Party groups, and after meeting near-universal opposition […]

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Wisconsin's "John Doe" Decision: More than "Reformers" Can Handle

Two weeks ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sent a shock wave through campaign finance watchers with its decision in Two Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson. The decision terminated Wisconsin’s controversial, long-running “John Doe” investigation into allegedly illegal coordination between Governor Scott Walker and a large number of conservative organizations in the state, and set forth a […]

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Politico: ‘Dark money': ALEC wants image makeover (In the News)

Tarini Parti David Keating of the Center for Competitive Politics took a more doom and gloom approach in his remarks. “The right of every American and the causes they believe in is under attack,” he told attendees. Keating added that nonprofits are being unfairly targeted because they represent only 5 percent of total political spending. […]

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Someone killed a lion. Want to see his political contribution history?

Last year, The Washington Post Editorial Board panned a smartphone app that sorts companies by how Democratic or Republican they are. The app, BuyPartisan, provides users who scan the barcodes of products on the shelf with information on the political contributions of PACs associated with a particular company as well as data on the political […]

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Wall Street Journal: Citizens United Loses Bid to Conceal Donors from New York Attorney General (In the News)

Jacob Gershman The ruling follows a similar decision handed down by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in May. In that case, the Center for Competitive Politics sued the California attorney general over its donor disclosure policy. In a statement, Mr. Schneiderman said Monday’s ruling “reaffirms some of our most basic responsibilities in overseeing […]

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Scranton Times-Tribune: Heavy Burden (LTE) (In the News)

Scott Blackburn Imagine, for example, a local Delaware Kiwanis Club publishing a mailer saying, “The Kiwanis Club asked the town council for $1,000 to help pay for this year’s Fourth of July fireworks display, traditionally sponsored by Kiwanis. The council voted 3-2 against the motion, with members Jones and Smith voting yes and members Brown, […]

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Charisma News: 2015 America Meets Sam Adams’ Criteria to Disobey Government (In the News)

Bethany Blankley In response to the IRS’ abuse of power, an outraged public submitted a record-setting number of comments expressing their opposition to IRS rules. A Center for Competitive Politics study found that 94 percent of public comments opposed some aspects of proposed IRS rules; 87 percent opposed them outright; and of all participants opponents […]

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Scranton Times-Tribune: Delaware sheds light (In the News)

Editorial Board Delaware passed a strong disclosure law, however, requiring any advocacy group that spends more than $500 in any campaign to identify anyone who contributes more than $100. Delaware Strong Families, a conservative group that publishes voter guides prior to elections, sued and won in the U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware. A three-judge […]

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