Washington Post: How a political opinion cost a D.C. activist $2,000 (In the News)

By Eric Wang Civic-minded citizens of the District: Think twice the next time you write a blog entry, post on Facebook or Twitter or attend a meeting or rally to support or oppose a ballot initiative. You could be required to register and report with the city or else pay a large fine. The Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) [...]

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Washington Examiner: Citizens United: It’s about free speech (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn This week marks the fifth anniversary of Citizens United — the most maligned, degraded, and vilified Supreme Court decision of the last decade. But it is a decision that deserves celebration. On this day five years ago, the court continued a proud tradition of protecting our right to free political speech. The decision was controversial. It [...]

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Bipartisan group of campaign finance experts urge FEC to improve forms

A bipartisan group of seven well-known campaign finance lawyers, including a bipartisan group of three former Federal Election Commission (FEC) chairmen, today petitioned the FEC to propose new rules providing for improved forms and instructions and to implement the Administrative Fines Program (AFP) law adopted last year. The petition notes that grassroots “or unsophisticated filers [...]

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The Hill: Bringing political parties up to speed (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Our democracy is being flooded – with bad punditry. When news broke before the holidays that Congressional leaders had struck a deal to increase the amount of money political parties can raise from donors for specific purposes, a tidal wave of cynical and short-sighted commentary crashed down upon an unsuspecting nation. Longtime advocate of [...]

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Concurring Opinions: Citizens United: it was 5 years ago today — 13 First Amendment lawyers & scholars offer differing views (In the News)

By Ronald K.L. Collins Allen Dickerson: “Citizens United has become a symbol onto which politicians and commentators project their own hopes, agendas, and insecurities. But cutting through the rhetoric, the case asked a simple question: on what principled basis could the government ban a nonprofit’s documentary while permitting corporate newspaper endorsements? The Court, correctly, said ‘none.’ Nevertheless, legislatures and [...]

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MSNBC: ‘Citizens United’ fallout ‘more dangerous’ than expected (In the News)

By Alex Seitz-Wald For conservatives, this is vindication of their support for Citizens United. “Corporate money is not swamping the system, and elections are more competitive,” Brad Smith, the founder of the Center for Competitive Politics said earlier this month at a conference of the American Association of Law Schools.   Read more…

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NPR: 5 Years After Citizens United, Secret Money Floods Into U.S. Politics (In the News)

By Peter Overby BRAD SMITH: We do not have foreigners running our elections. We are not more oligarchical, right? We don’t have these kinds of problems. Corporate money is not swamping the system, and elections are more competitive.   Read more…

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Huffington Post: Super PACs: Just Helping Out a Friend (In the News)

By Taylor Lincoln and Andrew Perez The Center for Competitive Politics, which supports the Citizens United decision, promptly issued a response to our report, indicating both that there’s nothing “surprising” about friends of candidates running super PACs that support them and, anyways, any suspicion of coordination between the groups and candidates is just “the stuff [...]

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News Telegram: Reforming contribution limits (In the News)

By Scott Blackburn In November, the State House saw two incumbent members lose their election, the same number of representatives that were kicked out for criminal convictions during the past term. Of the 160-member House, the voters decided that only two incumbent politicians didn’t deserve another two years on the job.  A similar story played out in [...]

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Reuters: Citizens United gives freedom of speech back to the people (In the News)

By Bradley A. Smith  It’s not merely that dire predictions about Citizens United have not come true. It is that Citizens United is having positive effects on U.S. elections.   The most obvious is in political competition. Citizens United has made it far easier for challengers to compete with incumbents, particularly challengers in late-breaking races. The first two [...]

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