In the News: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Reid on Kochs, politics and civility

By Steve Sebelius  In response to the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision of 2010, Reid called for a renewed push to pass the DISCLOSE Act, a law that would have forced all political organizations to report their donors. When I said the act would simply require reporting of the contributions, but not stop the flood of political money, Reid disagreed, [...]

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In the News: Nonprofit Law Prof Blog: Nonprofits Challenge Donor Disclosures Required by California AG, IRS, and FEC

By Lloyd Mayer A tax-exempt nonprofit that solicit contributions in California is challenging a demand from the California Attorney General’s office that they provide unredacted copies of their IRS Form 990 Schedule B, which lists major donors.  As most readers of this blog likely know, while Schedule B is submitted to the IRS the IRS [...]

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In the News: Daily Caller: Senator Sanders’ campaign finance hysteria

By Bradley A. Smith Poor Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders set out last week to write what he no doubt thinks is a blistering attack on Citizens United. Unfortunately, the self-described socialist from Vermont can’t even get through the first sentence without a factual error. Taking to the pages of the Huffington Post, he begins, “As a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme [...]

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In the News: MinnPost: Campaign Finance Lawsuits In Minnesota And Other States Take Aim At Contribution Limits

By Devin Henry “There’s nothing in the [McCutcheon] decision itself that says you can’t go after contribution limits, but it does say that these contribution limits have to have some rationale behind them,” said David Keating, the president of the Center for Competitive Politics. “I think the courts are going to apply a more skeptical [...]

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In the News: Politifact: Is IRS Obama’s Watergate?

By Katie Sanders “I didn’t see him saying that at all,” said David Keating, president of the conservative-leaning Center for Competitive Politics. “All I got out of it was there is no investigation on this.” (By that, he said he means no serious, visible effort to get to the bottom of things on the part of the [...]

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In the News: Wall Street Journal: Opinion: California’s Assault on Free Speech

Center for Competitive Politics senior fellow Eric Wang on a lawsuit to stop California Attorney General Kamala Harris from demanding confidential nonprofit donor records. Photo: Getty Images  Watch…

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In the News: Real Clear Politics: Christie: Campaign Finance System Is “Ridiculous”

By Scott Conroy SOMERSET, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday called for the abolishment of current federal and statewide campaign finance rules, and instead supported allowing unlimited donations to individual candidates with a public notification required within 48 hours. “If somebody, you know, wants to write me a $100,000 check for my [...]

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In the News: Washington Post: In politics, money is speech

By Robert J. Samuelson On its present course, the Supreme Court will ultimately overrule its 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo, the landmark case upholding campaign finance “reform” legislation. It can’t come too soon, because Buckley expressly ignored the First Amendment’s injunction that “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech.” Instead [...]

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California AG faces court challenge today in free speech case

For Release: April 17, 2014  Contact: Joe Trotter  Phone: 210-352-0055 (Cell) SACRAMENTO, Calif. – This afternoon a federal court in Sacramento will hear arguments in a First Amendment case that challenges an effort by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to force nonprofit groups to turn over confidential donor records to the state. Harris is demanding that nonprofit groups [...]

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In the News: Washington Examiner: IRS should collect taxes, leave political speech alone

Editorial The proposal was so poorly written that it united groups as diverse as the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans for Prosperity. The former warned that “we can say with confidence that bona fide charitable organizations, may also, under the proposed rule, be forced to seriously ‘hedge and trim’ what should be fully protected [...]

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