Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Supreme Court declines to hear lawsuit seeking to block John Doe probe (In the News)

By Patrick Marley and Jason Stein Conservatives had viewed getting the U.S. Supreme Court to accept the case as important. Five groups, including the Center for Competitive Politics and the Cato Institute, filed friend-of-the-court briefs in the unsuccessful effort to get the high court to take it up. While the ruling means the end of this […]

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The Federalist: The 5 Biggest Lies, Myths, And Debunked Claims Of The IRS Scandal (In the News)

By Luke Wachob Remember the Lois Lerner emails the Internal Revenue Service said were lost? Thousands of them were just uncovered, and according to one investigator, they were “right where you would expect them to be.” It was just the latest iteration of a recurring trend in the IRS targeting scandal: investigators debunking attempts by the agency and its […]

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SCOTUS Blog: No protection — yet — for group’s donor privacy (In the News)

By Lyle Denniston The Ninth Circuit, while refusing to block the state demand while the Center pursued an appeal to the Supreme Court, has delayed the order that would formally implement its ruling against the Center.  That has had the practical effect, at least for the time being, of keeping the situation on hold. Justice Kennedy, in denying […]

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More Soft Money Hard Law: The State of the Debate (In the News)

By Bob Bauer The Supreme Court has been asked to consider whether the Attorney General of California may require tax-exempt organizations to produce donor information normally provided only to the Internal Revenue Service. The petitioner, the Center for Competitive Politics, argues that the Ninth Circuit has improperly upheld this requirement by giving the State ready access to this information on a […]

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LA TImes: Supreme Court refuses to shield names of donors to political advocacy groups (In the News)

By David G. Savage The group filed an emergency appeal with Justice Kennedy asking him to block the disclosures while its lawyers prepared a full appeal to the court. He turned down the request late Monday but did so “without prejudice,” meaning that the center could renew its request in the future. David Keating, president of the […]

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Courthouse News Service: Justices Pass on Wis. Investigation of Walker (In the News)

By Barbara Leonard O’Keefe had petitioned the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, but the justices shot him down without any comment, as is their custom, Monday. The order notes the filing of amicus briefs from Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, the Maciver Institute for Public Policy, Cause of Action, Center for Competitive Politics, et […]

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LA Times: U.S. Supreme Court is asked to shield major donors in California (In the News)

By David G. Savage A conservative group based in Virginia that fights for free speech and free spending in politics is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris from seeing its list of major donors. Requiring disclosure to “political officeholders” would “violate the privacy of its donors,” lawyers for the Center for Competitive […]

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SCOTUS Blog: Group seeks privacy for donor list (In the News)

By Lyle Denniston A Virginia-based non-profit group asked the Supreme Court on Friday to bar state officials in California from gaining access to the lists of people who donate money or services to it.  The Center for Competitive Politics, a vigorous supporter of political free-speech rights that does not get involved in election campaigns, asked for the protection […]

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NPR: ‘Candidates’ Driving Cash-Filled Trucks Through Campaign-Finance Loopholes (In the News)

By Peter Overby The campaign-finance law, its amendments, regulations and related court decisions define these terms and dozens of others. Nowadays, the art of campaign-finance lawyering lies in determining what a definition fails to say — and then driving a cash-filled truck through the loophole. “It doesn’t include everything someone could think of,” said David Keating, the inventor of […]

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Non Profit Times: Donor Disclosure Headed To Supreme Court (In the News)

By Mark Hrywna The Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit on Wednesday filed a 70-page emergency application for an injunction with the nation’s highest court. On May 1, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had affirmed a lower court decision siding with Attorney General Kamala Harris. “The court did not require the attorney general to meaningfully justify her demand,” CCP alleges in […]

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