USA Today: Champion free speech by preventing IRS abuse (In the News)

Bradley Smith The potential for abuse is so great that the Internal Revenue Service itself is discussing whether to stop collecting this information from non-profits. Regardless of what the agency decides, however, Congress should move forward with Rep. Roskam’s bill. It is all but guaranteed to pass the House of Representatives if and when it […]

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Albany Times Union: JCOPE will spend up to $300K to defend its new reporting requirement (In the News)

Rick Karlin The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics is poised to spend up to $300,000 a year for its legal defense of a regulatory change that requires public relations professionals to document their outreach to editorial boards and report it to the state. After JCOPE’s advisory opinion on the topic was issued in January, […]

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Conservative anti-regulation activist says Montana AG “can relax” (In the News)

Troy Carter David Keating, president of the anti-campaign finance regulation Center for Competitive Politics in Alexandria, Virginia, wrote the Chronicle to say: “I wanted to be sure you knew that no limits on parties is close to the norm in the states.  By our count (not including Montana) 23 states have no limits on how […]

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Atlantic: If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice? (In the News)

Bradley A. Smith All of this begs a final question: If Citizens United,, and even Buckley were swept away, how happy would progressives be? In the last campaign-finance case before Buckley, United States v. United Auto Workers (1957), it was the Court’s liberals—Justices William O. Douglas, Earl Warren, and Hugo Black—who argued that regulation […]

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Freedom and Equality vs. Cliches in the Fresno Bee

There’s a remarkably silly op-ed column in The Fresno Bee this week. Unfortunately, it’s typical of hundreds of editorials published around the country every year. This one is by a professor of political science at Fresno State University named Thomas Holyoke, who has written a book called “The Ethical Lobbyist.” It’s probably unfair to rip […]

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More Soft Money Hard Law: The “Evidence” In Reform (and Anti-Reform) Argument (In the News)

Bob Bauer The related but still distinguishable argument about political inequality has meant the same search for clinching proof that policy follows money and makes for a “rigged” system.  This week, the Center for Competitive Politics took after a widely reported paper about the correlation between the aspirations of the wealthy and the manufacture of […]

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Morning Consult: Senate GOP Strikes Back in Campaign Disclosure Rule Saga (In the News)

Ryan Rainey Four Republican senators led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Senate Republican leaders are declaring victory after a potential court fight abruptly ended Wednesday over whether the Securities and Exchange Commission should require companies to disclose their political donations. A petition to require the SEC to propose a rule on company […]

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Federalist: Why ‘Getting Money Out Of Politics’ Hurts The Little Guy (In the News)

Brad Smith So perhaps the biggest lesson of Maryland’s Eighth District is not that spending doesn’t determine winners and losers (although it doesn’t), nor that spending is necessary to get new voices into the system (it often is), nor that spending can make races less equal, but it can also make them more equal (it […]

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Tax Analysts: Should Political Nonprofits Disclose More Frequently? (In the News)

Paul C. Barton In an ideal world, say advocates of campaign finance reform, there would be more frequent and thorough disclosure of nonprofits’ political spending… But the idea of quarterly reporting ought to be a non-starter, said David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics. “This mania for more reporting is getting completely out […]

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Huffington Post: Two Very Different Donalds, One White House Goal (In the News)

Carrie Levine, CPI Former colleague Jones, while stressing that he isn’t familiar with the details of McGahn’s representation of Trump, said part of McGahn’s job is obviously dealing with the intricacies of arcane campaign finance law…  “Sometimes, the popular answer may not be the right answer. There’s a difference between making a sound bite about […]

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