Media Watch: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn’t understand what ‘anti-democratic’ means

In a recent editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Editorial Board opines that “big money looms larger in the 2016 campaign.” This sounds like a title for your run-of-the-mill “reformer” screed these days, but it’s worse than that. The PG’s Editorial Board not only makes completely outlandish – and unfounded – claims about campaign spending, […]

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Huffington Post: Larry Lessig’s Half-Serious Plan to Hold the Country Hostage (In the News)

Allen Dickerson This is a remarkable bit of egoism. Several other landmarks in our history — the Emancipation Proclamation, the Voting Rights Act, or the Constitution itself — are certainly more consequential steps toward self-government than the inchoate Act. Writing the Act will prove even more difficult with such grandiose expectations. This delusional sense of […]

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Tax Analysts: Possible White House Candidate Blasts Temporary Tax Incentives (In the News)

Paul Barton But law professor Brad Smith of Capital City University and the Center for Competitive Politics said in an interview that Lessig has gone off the deep end. “This is not a serious proposal; this is not a serious person,” Smith said of Lessig’s platform. Laughing, he added, “I would call him clinically insane.” […]

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Wilmington News Journal: Delaware law wrongly invades your privacy (In the News)

Allen Dickerson Should newspapers need the government’s permission to report candidates’ positions on issues? Should they be forced to disclose their sources just because they mention a candidate? Should anyone? Not in America, you might say. Unfortunately, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of a Delaware law forcing nonprofit groups […]

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New York Daily News: Donald Trump’s big lie about ‘buying’ politicians (In the News)

John Lott and Bradley Smith Trump’s claim to control politicians, however, appears to be nothing more than braggadocio. His one concrete example of puppetry, offered in the GOP debate: “With Hillary Clinton, I said, ‘Be at my wedding,’ and she came to my wedding . . . She had no choice, because I gave.” Leaving […]

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American Thinker: Kamala Harris, Dem Rising Star, Goes for the Jugular on Conservative Nonprofits (In the News)

Mark J. Fitzgibbons As or even more importantly, what Harris is doing flies in the face of the 1958 landmark Supreme Court decision in NAACP v. Alabama. That case held that membership lists are protected by the First Amendment from demands of states and their attorneys general. The petition for the court to hear this […]

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Wilmington News Journal: Donors are part of election system (In the News)

Editorial We think it is a good law. So did the U.S. Court of Appeals. Now the Center for Competitive Politics, representing Delaware Strong Families, says it will appeal that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. Delaware Strong Families issues candidate ratings and appraises their performance, potential, etc. The group, however, believes it should not […]

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Delmarva Public Radio: High Court Could Hear Challenge to Delaware’s Election Disclosure Law (In the News)

Don Rush The Washington-based Center for Competitive Politics says it intends to appeal a decision that the Delaware disclosure law is constitutional in a lawsuit brought by the conservative group Delaware Strong Families. Before the law, organizations would only have to give up their donors if they directly supported or opposed a candidate. Delaware Strong […]

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Wilmington News Journal: Delaware election law could head to U.S. Supreme Court (In the News)

Jon Offredo Delaware’s Elections Disclosure Act, passed in 2012 and enacted in 2013, requires third-party groups and individuals to disclose their donors to the state elections commissioner if they publish advertisements or other communications that refer to a candidate in an upcoming election. Previously, only groups that directly advocated for or against a candidate were […]

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Washington Post: Super PACs throw lifelines to candidates scrambling for cash (In the News)

Matea Gold and Phillip Rucker That heartens David Keating, a conservative activist who brought vs. FEC, the federal case that led to the creation of super PACs in 2010. If it weren’t for their well-funded outside allies, “probably a lot of these candidates wouldn’t be running, and if they were, they wouldn’t be taken […]

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