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ICYMI: The man who helped create super PACs says they’re here to stay

Washington Post: The man who helped create super PACs says they’re here to stay July 8th, 2016 By Matea Gold Conservative activist David Keating, who launched the case that created super PACs, is not concerned a new legal effort will succeed in shutting down the big-money groups. “I think they’re here to stay, because […]

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Statement of Chairman Bradley A. Smith and President David Keating on FEC Commissioner Weintraub’s “Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence” Forum

PDF of the statement available here Today, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub has taken the unprecedented step of using her office to organize what is in essence a private forum, to be held at the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Titled “Corporate Political Spending and Foreign Influence,” the release announcing the event states that it “brings together some […]

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Where’s the corruption in speaking to voters?

This week, Senate Democrats unveiled their plan to get favorable media coverage this election season: grandstand on a package of nonstarter proposals to radically expand laws regulating political speech. (I guess because it worked so well in 2014?) If the proposals are sincere, they are also woefully misguided. The rollout of the talking points gave […]

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Too Much Disclosure Misinforms Voters

A trio of news stories from the past few weeks illustrates how too much disclosure information can mislead the voters it is supposed to inform and dirty up a political process it is intended to clean. First came the story that George Soros was funding a super PAC backing John Kasich. One of the most […]

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Citizens United is Too Often Distorted in the Press

Newsweek recently published, “How Dark Money Boomeranged on the GOP,” by Kurt Eichenwald. The article, about Citizens United v. FEC’s purported effect on the Republican Party blatantly distorts nearly every aspect of the free-speech case. Mr. Eichenwald’s second paragraph begins: “[T]he infamous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission [decision], which declared that associations of people […]

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Super PACs Aren’t So Super Compared to the Media

Putting a dollar value on “free” or “earned” media can help put in perspective the supposedly tsunami-like sums of money spent by candidates and independent super PACs on the campaign trail. The New York Times recently did just that, and found that the value of media coverage exceeds candidate and super PAC spending on paid […]

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Seven Myths about Disclosure Masquerading as “Realities”

This Issue Brief by Center for Competitive Politics Senior Fellow Eric Wang[1] analyzes seven alleged “myths” about campaign finance disclosure as discussed by the pro-regulation Campaign Legal Center. The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) recently issued a briefing paper worthy of Lewis Carroll.[2] Purporting to explain “Seven Myths (and Realities) about Disclosure,”[3] the CLC paper instead […]

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Are state parties a solution to political “chaos”?

“It’s chaos out there.” That’s how Jonathan Rauch, Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, describes the state of politics today. Rauch and Raymond J. La Raja, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a CCP Academic Advisor, believe that freeing state parties to play a more active […]

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New York Times: The Power of Politcal Money Is Overrated (In the News)

Bradley A. Smith Money can be an equalizer even when it is unequal. Consider all the free media that Donald Trump receives. Because he’s colorful and controversial, the press covers his every utterance. His competitors, however, have to rely much more on paid media to reach voters. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has raised […]

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We give Fact Checker one-half Pinocchio: Super PACs and our complex campaign finance system

Back when I was serving as Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, I met with a delegation of officials from China. Since they spoke little English, we conversed through an interpreter. They were full of questions about campaign finance in the U.S., and soon I was trying to explain our incredibly regulated, complex system. There […]

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