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Should Candidates Have Control Over Who Can Speak About Elections?

Unsuccessful candidates often blame their loss on an opponent’s spending. Sometimes those complaints are lodged at better-funded candidates, sometimes at the media, and other times at independent groups. So it is with Zephyr Teachout, whose main takeaway from the 2016 election, apparently, is that people talked about it too much. After losing to Republican John […]

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Trump Supporters (and Most Americans) Couldn’t Care Less About His “Self-Funding” Flip Flop

If there’s one thing that’s obvious about the 2016 election cycle, it’s that it was huge for outsider candidates. Besides Donald Trump’s surprise victory, Senator Bernie Sanders also led a strong insurgency against Secretary Hillary Clinton. This phenomenon led to a greater fixation on “money in politics” from the anti-establishment candidates. Democrats, especially Bernie Sanders, […]

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Trump Exposes the Myth that Money Buys Elections

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), America’s largest nonprofit defending First Amendment political speech rights, released the following statement on the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, in which Donald Trump was elected despite being vastly outspent by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “The idea that money buys elections was disproven […]

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Money Doesn’t Buy Elections: 2016 Presidential Election Edition

With the election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton, we are reminded once again that the role of money in politics cannot buy results, and that no matter how much money is spent or political ads are run, it is voters who decide the race. The following are just a few facts […]

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Super PAC Funding Comes Overwhelmingly from Individuals, Again

Data from the 2016 election continues to undermine a key prediction made by critics of Citizens United in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s famous 2010 ruling. Once again, super PACs are being funded overwhelmingly by citizens, not corporations. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “A study by the Conference Board’s Committee for Economic […]

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Activists are Already Trying to Rewrite the History of the 2016 Election

The 2016 election will conclude next week, but efforts to establish an interpretative narrative of it have already begun. After failing to make their cause a key issue of the campaign, supporters of greater government regulation of political speech have unsurprisingly begun to paint 2016 as an election year in which shady plutocrats further consolidated […]

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The Hidden Admissions of the “Unilateral Disarmament” Defense

Vague commitments to pursue “campaign finance reform” and promises to overturn Citizens United have become increasingly popular talking points among some candidates this election cycle. Following this trend, misguided and unfounded claims that the system is dysfunctional and that electoral and policy outcomes are the result of nothing more than monetary transactions among politicians, wealthy […]

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Campaign Finance Regulations Increase the Influence of Super PACs

Bloomberg BNA recently covered a report highlighting a developing trend in campaign finance this election cycle. The report, by the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI), shows a clear decrease in political fundraising for presidential candidates and parties in 2016, coupled with an increase in super PAC spending, compared with 2012. Total fundraising in support of Hillary […]

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Donor Privacy Frees Groups to Criticize Government

MapLight, an organization that advocates for tax-financed campaigns and stricter disclosure laws, published an analysis of presidential primary ads last week that inadvertently bolsters the case for donor privacy. Amusingly, the folks at MapLight appear to be unaware of this irony. MapLight reported that in the 2016 presidential primaries – in 23 media markets spanning […]

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And More Doublespeak in Reformland: On Reversing

Our inimitable Luke Wachob notes that “reformers,” after complaining for years about the FEC’s bipartisan makeup, have now decided to complain about its “partisan” makeup. Apparently, the “reformers” have decided that complaining about bipartisanship just doesn’t resonate with voters. So, in a bit of doublespeak, why not change “bipartisan” to “partisan?” After all, a rose […]

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