Daily Media Links 3/9: Corporations don’t pony up for super PACs, the IRS does its job, and more…

Independent groups Politico: Corporations don’t pony up for super PACs  When super PACs emerged two years ago,  critics howled that corporations would take advantage of a newfound tool to flex their muscle in politics. Read more… NY Times, Editorial: The I.R.S. Does Its Job Taxpayers should be encouraged by complaints from Tea Party chapters applying for nonprofit […]

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Daily Media Links 3/8: Unclean elections, FEC told to tread carefully, and more…

In the News New York Post, Allison Hayward: Unclean elections  Last week’s arrest of city Comptroller John Liu’s treasurer, Jenny Hou, is just the latest in a string of fund-raising scandals that point to a core lesson. Using tax dollars to pay for political campaigns does little if anything to prevent corruption in government, and […]

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Daily Media Links 3/7: Was That Twitter Blast False, or Just Honest Hyperbole?, It’s Not Just Citizens United, and more…

Independent groups NY Times: Was That Twitter Blast False, or Just Honest Hyperbole? Mark W. Miller did not think Cincinnati should be spending money on a streetcar project, and he said so on Twitter. He urged his hundreds of followers to vote against the project, which was on the local ballot last November. Note: Brad […]

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Daily Media Links 3/6: Presidential Kingmaker?, Super PACs ruining Republicans, and more…

Independent groups Politico, Rick Hasen: Stephen Colbert: Presidential kingmaker?  Getting a third party or independent candidate on the ballot nationally is a steep climb — since states have different qualifying rules. So Americans Elect presents a rare opportunity for such a candidate to gain immediate credibility — as well as an ability to focus on the […]

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Daily Media Links 3/5

In the News Newsday: Wealthy LIers actively funding super PACs But Allison Hayward of the Center for Competitive Politics, which backs the rulings, said: “It’s about free speech. The notion that something bad is happening in the body politic is way overblown.”  Read more… CCP Zac Morgan: Lessig’s Corruption Conundrum Professor Lessig said the real […]

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Daily Media Links 3/2

Independent groups Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney: Local, National Chambers Clash on Ads   Amid a multistate ad blitz by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that targets 20 House and Senate races, state and local chamber affiliates in Montana and Virginia have condemned or distanced themselves from the national trade group’s ads.  Read more… Esquire: Super-PAC Tuesday […]

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Daily Media Links 3/1

Independent groups Republican Lawyer Blog: Former FEC Chairman Says SuperPACs Are Good for Democracy  In a radio interview last week, Center for Competitive Politics and former FEC chairman Bradley A. Smith spoke about the benefits of SuperPACs and how they actually benefit the electoral process. Mr. Smith believes one benefit is that without SuperPACs one candidate […]

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Daily Media Links 2/29

In the News NPR: Shareholders Want Political Spending Transparency Quotes Allen: In practice, what this will do is require any corporation that wants to use its constitutional rights to submit to a highly politicized, highly partisan debate every year on how they go about doing it. Read more… CCP Brad Smith: Has the Supreme Court implicitly overruled […]

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Daily Media Links 2/28

Independent groups ABC News: Watchdog Group Says Romney Super PAC Broke Election Law A group that fights for campaign finance disclosures formally filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday,  claiming that the “super PAC” supporting Mitt Romney is illegally showing an ad from the candidate’s 2008 run for president. Read more… Huffington Post: Rise […]

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Daily Media Links 2/27

In the News Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney: Campaign Finance Onus Placed on Agencies   And even regulatory fixes could prove elusive. The IRS, for one, has long proved loath to involve itself in fights over regulating political activity, noted David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, which promotes free speech and political deregulation. […]

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