Allen Dickerson

Wilmington News Journal: Delaware law wrongly invades your privacy (In the News)

Allen Dickerson Should newspapers need the government’s permission to report candidates’ positions on issues? Should they be forced to disclose their sources just because they mention a candidate? Should anyone? Not in America, you might say. Unfortunately, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of a Delaware law forcing nonprofit groups […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Campaigns, however annoying, serve a higher importance (In the News)

Allen Dickerson But for all our love of elections, the business of campaigning for office leaves a bad taste in our mouths. We are bombarded by ads, become bored by the rote recitation of stump speeches, and cringe at the inevitable gaffes that accompany a world of smartphones and Internet access. Aside from a small […]

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Washington Post: IRS review of nonprofits and advocacy (In the News)

Allen Dickerson While the law says that such nonprofits must be operated for social welfare purposes, it does not bar political activity. Nor have the IRS or the courts suggested that merely engaging in political activity confers a “private benefit.” Congress banned charities from candidate advocacy but said that “Section 527” groups must spend a […]

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