Are Tax-Financed Campaigns Worth the Price?

A recently published study examines taxpayer-financed campaign systems in different locales; specifically, programs that provide matching public funds to municipal candidates in New York City and Los Angeles. The study’s authors are Michael J. Malbin of the Campaign Finance Institute and University at Albany, SUNY, and Michael Parrott of Columbia University. Although the authors acknowledge […]

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When Gridlock is Good

In recent months, a handful of members on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives have proposed legislation to change the structure of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) under the guise of reform. On August 1, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly announced companion legislation in the Senate that would revamp the FEC, which […]

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In Trump’s America, Common Cause Cares about the First Amendment

Common Cause, a group that actively pushes for broader campaign finance disclosure laws, recently sued President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission in federal court in an attempt to block the Commission’s efforts to obtain voter data from the states. The legal complaint notes that the Commission issued “a sweeping request for [Americans’] voting and other personal […]

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Giving Taxpayer Dollars to Local D.C. Politicians is a Bad Idea

Last week, D.C. Councilmember and Chair Pro Tempore Kenyan McDuffie took to the pages of The Washington Post to advocate for taxpayer funding for local political campaigns. Under this system, candidates for Council (and a handful of additional races) who agree to only accept small-dollar contributions and completely forgo donations from PACs would receive $5 […]

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CCP Asks Supreme Court to Refute “Welcome Restraint” Speech Doctrine in Trump “Travel Ban” Case

The lower court’s ruling was unnecessary and will chill vital campaign speech, argues brief Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) and the Public Policy Legal Institute (PPLI) today filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of neither party in Int’l Refugee Assistance Project, et al. v. Trump, et al., commonly known as the […]

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Did Dean Heller Really “Change” His Vote on Health Care Because of Donor Pressure?

When it comes to the complexity of American politics, the multi-month effort by congressional Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA and, of course, Obamacare) has been instructive. Party leaders, advocacy groups, health industry stakeholders, government agencies, and the media all weighed in during the divisive process. This […]

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Surprise, Surprise: Politicians Are Happy to Benefit from Taxpayer Money

Seattle’s new “democracy vouchers” program is the latest effort by supporters of greater campaign finance regulation to give government a bigger role in political campaigns. The system funnels taxpayer money to politicians via four $25 vouchers for each registered voter, and is intended to reduce candidates’ need to fundraise via voluntary contributions. Some Seattle property […]

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New CED Study Dispels Myth of a ‘Wild West’ in Campaign Finance

Since Citizens United, the landscape of campaign finance law has often been described as a “wild west” where politicians, donors, and interest groups can do as they please. But a new study from the Committee for Economic Development (CED) dispels this myth. Their findings? The overwhelming majority of funds used to speak about candidates are […]

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CCP Brief: $18 Million Campaign Finance Fine is Unconstitutional

Excessive fine would harm First Amendment rights. Alexandria, VA – Can a group be fined $18 million for not properly filing campaign finance reports? An amicus brief filed today by the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) says no. Such a massive penalty is unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution that bars “excessive fines.” […]

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New CCP Issue Brief: A World Without Buckley v. Valeo

Overturning Buckley would do great damage to the First Amendment Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) released a new Issue Brief today summarizing key aspects of the 1976 Supreme Court decision, Buckley v. Valeo. Without the landmark decision – which many powerful politicians and activists wish to overturn – political speech and […]

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