Synergy Leaves the Party

President Bush will have a tough time appearing in endorsement ads for other candidates this fall under a ruling announced last Thursday by the Federal Election Commission.

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Testimony of CCP Chairman Bradley A. Smith to the Committee on House Administration

Written testimony of CCP Chairman Bradley A. Smith at an October 16, 2003 hearing of the Committee on House Administration on the topic of enforcement procedures at the FEC.

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Six Degrees of Coordination

Here is a pre-BCRA article by Steve Hoersting published in National Review Online called Six Degrees of Coordination.

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Lobbying Reform: Alligator Emerges From D.C. Swamp

The lobbying group Democracy 21 has come out in favor of an "Office of Public Integrity" to "clean up " Congress.  This office will be "independent," "must receive adequate resources" (whether Congress will be able to control its budget is unclear) and "should have a professional, nonpartisan staff led by a publicly credible, professionally experienced individual."  

CCP Executive Director Steve Hoersting has a little warning tale, posted at RedState.

To hear the tale, click here.

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