Judge rules Colorado disclosure law unconstitutional

Alexandria, VA – A federal judge late yesterday ruled that Colorado’s campaign disclosure laws violate the First Amendment when applied to small organizations, writing that “any ‘informational interest’ the government has in mandating contribution and expenditure disclosures [is] so minimal as to be nonexistent, and certainly insufficient to justify the burdens compliance imposes on members’ [...]

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Disclosure, Privacy, and Future Targeting (Video)

Below is a transcript of Bradley A. Smith’s remarks on disclosure at the AmericanForum: How we finance our political campaigns debate: What we know is the Supreme Court has consistently upheld the privacy interest of people. Of course you vote secretly and there’s all kinds of things in life that you get to do secretly, your taxes are [...]

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Dark, Scary Money (Video)

Below is a transcript of Bradley A. Smith’s remarks on “dark money” at the AmericanForum: How we finance our political campaigns debate: Let me talk first about this question of dark money that Ann raised at length. Dark money’s a nice name, it sound ominous and scary and that’s frankly that’s why the term is used. It’s probably [...]

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Bradley A. Smith’s Opening Remarks: AmericanForum: How we finance our political campaigns (Video)

Below is a transcript of Bradley A. Smith’s opening remarks: When I was at the Federal Election Commission I used to keep a file of letters that we received from ordinary citizens who were caught up in our investigations. These people weren’t trying to corrupt anything they were just trying to do what they thought [...]

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Texas Tribune Festival: 2014 Tribune Festival: “Dark Money” vs. Donor Privacy

Moderated by Center for Public Integrity Senior Political Reporter Dave Levinthal. Featured were Sunlight Foundation Editorial Director Bill Allison, Texas State Representative Byron Cook, Baker Hostetler Associate Andrew Grossman, Center for Competitive Politics President David Keating, and Texas Ethics Commissioner Chase Untermeyer.

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Letter to FEC Commissioners on Rulemakings

Download full letter October 7, 2014 Lee E. Goodman, Chairman Ann M. Ravel, Vice Chair Caroline C. Hunter, Commissioner Matthew S. Petersen, Commissioner Steven T. Walther, Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub, Commissioner Federal Election Commission 999 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20463 Dear Commissioners: We are writing this letter as individuals who, in various capacities but [...]

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Is "campaign finance reform" about good governance?

From a recent announcement about an upcoming appearance by FEC Vice-Chair Ann Ravel, co-hosted by The League of Women Voters and, two groups that advocate more restrictions of political funding and speech: “Regardless of your issue — fear of our democracy becoming a “Dollarocracy,” or concern about corporate interference in addressing climate change and community clean [...]

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Money in Politics: What’s the Problem?

Is “campaign finance reform” a good way to regulate money in politics? Nationally syndicated, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and best-selling author George Will shows that, despite the innocent name given by its proponents, campaign finance reform is really a euphemism for controlling free speech. If the goal is to get money out of politics, the real [...]

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Tax-Financed Campaigns on the Wane in Maine

Maine’s tax-financed campaign program is struggling, according to an article by the Bangor Daily News’ Mario Moretto. He writes, “[t]he steady, precipitous decline in participation in Maine’s publicly funded election program continues this year, with only about half of all legislative candidates opting to forgo private campaign contributions.” Moretto explains that, “[i]n 2006 and 2008, [...]

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New proposed “pay-to-play” rule draws criticism from free speech group

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today announced that it filed comments critical of a new Municipal Services Rulemaking Board proposal to expand so-called “pay-to-play” rules.  The draft amendments to what is formally known as Rule G-37 would in many cases ban certain investment managers from making campaign contributions to candidates for [...]

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