Tax-Financed Campaigns Fail Women Again

Every now and then we come across a truly bizarre and insulting argument from those who wish to expand government control over the political process: that the rigors of campaign fundraising are somehow sexist and discourage women from seeking public office. Back in March, for example, The Albany Times-Union reported on a staged all-female rally [...]

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MayDay PAC's Candidates Sink

97% of funds spent on losers Alexandria, VA – Voters soundly rejected Mayday PAC’s preferred candidates and the group’s vision of greater campaign finance regulation yesterday.  The self-described “Super PAC to end all Super PACs” spent $7.6 million in five congressional and three Senate contests during the election. Of that amount, 97%, or $7.35 million, [...]

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Media Watch: Brennan Center Falsehood Hits the Airwaves

If you were listening to NPR’s “On the Media” show over the weekend (podcast available here), you heard an amazing statistic: “96 percent of the television ad spending [in the Florida gubernatorial race] is coming from outside groups.” “That is extraordinary,” claimed the guest. Indeed it is – one might say, unbelievable. So unbelievable, in [...]

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Election Ads Are Good for Us

The New York Times reporter Nick Confessore was on NPR’s Fresh Air a few days ago and said “You know, the average marketing budget probably for Procter and Gamble on the course of a calendar year, I suspect, rivals all the spending on campaigns in an election year. I’m making that up, but political spending…is about, you [...]

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Is voting like buying a box of cereal?

In a recent interview with, Federal Election Commission Vice Chair Ann Ravel compared campaign finance disclosure with the nutritional information on a box of cereal, stating that such “information is important for people to know whether they want to buy it or not . . . similarly people should know who’s making large contributions [...]

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Campaign Finance 101: Money Doesn’t Buy Votes

Tomorrow is the midterm election, and, if tradition holds, Americans will be inundated Wednesday with countless newspaper stories indicating that this midterm is “the most expensive in U.S. history.” In light of that, it seems pertinent to remind everyone – once again – perhaps the most important fact to remember when considering all debates regarding [...]

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Media Watch: Nothing to See Here, Just Politics as Usual

In Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney claims that “Republicans are developing an appetite for big money as a campaign issue.” (“Republicans Join Attacks on Big Money,” October 28.) Long-time observers of the debate swirling around campaign finance regulation will no doubt see through this smokescreen. Advocates for greater regulation of “money in politics” predict a [...]

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Lee Goodman on Fox & Friends

Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee Goodman discusses the recent vote over expanding the FEC’s authority to regulate election-related Internet videos:

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FEC In the News: Regulating Internet Speech, Discouraging Movie Screenings, and Country Wide Tours

The Federal Election Commission and its commissioners have made quite a few headlines recently, the latest stemming from FEC Vice Chairwoman Ann Ravel’s statement suggesting that the agency look at broadening its authority to regulate election-related Internet videos. Ravel’s statement stems from a split vote over internet-only pro-coal videos released by a group that was [...]

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Media Watch: The Flash Flood of Misinformation Continues…

Last week, I was critical of a New York Times story that promoted the false impression that a majority of political advertising has been driven by so-called “Dark Money” organizations. That article, as I said at the time, “only compares ads run by ‘outside groups’– ignoring all spending by candidates, political action committees, and political [...]

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