Is the IRS Investigation Worth the Cost?

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing, on Wednesday, titled, “IRS Abuses: Ensuring that Targeting Never Happens Again.”  The hearing covered many potentially useful proposals to prevent future political targeting by the IRS – from placing a time limit on the IRS’s review process for tax-exempt organizations to reforming civil service [...]

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Hearing: IRS Abuses: Ensuring that Targeting Never Happens Again (Event)

On July 30th, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is holding a hearing titled, “IRS Abuses: Ensuring that Targeting Never Happens Again.”  The hearing, which will look into the ways reforms will help prevent future IRS targeting of people and organizations based on their political beliefs, features Center for Competitive Politics President David [...]

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Reason: Remy: What are the Chances? (An IRS Love Song) (In the News)

Remy weighs the odds of finding true love and, like a well-timed IRS hard drive failure, finds a higher power at work. 

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DoubleSpeak: “Campaign Finance Reform”

This is the first in a series of posts analyzing the language used in debates about campaign finance laws and regulations. Supporters of increased regulation of campaign financing, like all public policy advocates, have a specific lexicon that they use in order to bolster their arguments and convince the public that action is needed. Unfortunately, [...]

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Moment of Zen: DISCLOSE Act 2014 Edition

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“More Speech, Not Enforced Silence”

For the past seven weeks, I have had the pleasure of working for the Center for Competitive Politics, the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political rights. My conviction to promote free political speech drew me there, and my fervent adherence to the Constitution kept me engaged. In my work, I saw [...]

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Senator McConnell Calls the DISCLOSE Act as it is – A Vehicle for Intimidation

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Senator Lauds “Deterrent Effect” of Bill Designed to Deter Nonprofit Speech

At a hearing yesterday on the DISCLOSE Act, Senator Chuck Schumer doubled down on a previous statement he made in 2010 when introducing the original iteration of the legislation about how the “deterrent effect” of disclosure on political speech “should not be underestimated,” saying: ”Let me tell you, I think it’s good when somebody is trying [...]

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DISCLOSE Act of 2014 — Brad Smith’s Opening Statement to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee (Video)

Center for Competitive Politics Chairman Bradley A. Smith testified before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee on this year’s version of the DISCLOSE Act:

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Closed Minds on Open Display

On Wednesday, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee convened a hearing to discuss the DISCLOSE Act of 2014 (you can read CCP Chairman Brad Smith’s testimony here). Like many hearings on compulsory disclosure before it, its success in illustrating the major disagreements in modern campaign finance was overshadowed by its failure to offer any new [...]

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