Senator McConnell Calls the DISCLOSE Act as it is – a vehicle for intimidation

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Senator Lauds "Deterrent Effect" of Bill Designed to Deter Nonprofit Speech

At a hearing yesterday on the DISCLOSE Act, Senator Chuck Schumer doubled down on a previous statement he made in 2010 when introducing the original iteration of the legislation about how the “deterrent effect” of disclosure on political speech “should not be underestimated,” saying: ”Let me tell you, I think it’s good when somebody is trying [...]

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Moment of Zen: DISCLOSE Act 2014 Edition

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DISCLOSE Act 2014 — Brad Smith’s Opening Statement to the Senate Rules Administration Committee (Video)

Center for Competitive Politics Chairman Bradley A. Smith testified before the Senate Rules Administration Committee on this year’s version of the DISCLOSE Act:

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Closed Minds on Open Display

On Wednesday, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee convened a hearing to discuss the DISCLOSE Act of 2014 (you can read CCP Chairman Brad Smith’s testimony here). Like many hearings on compulsory disclosure before it, its success in illustrating the major disagreements in modern campaign finance was overshadowed by its failure to offer any new [...]

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Lawsuit challenges contribution limit law favoring incumbents

The Center for Competitive Politics today announced that it has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Florida couple saying that a law that often allows congressional incumbents to raise twice as much from donors to spend on their general election campaigns as compared to challengers is unconstitutional under the First Amendment. Federal campaign finance [...]

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Holmes v. FEC: Litigation Background

The Issue in Brief Should an incumbent lawmaker be allowed to spend up to twice the money for the November election from a single contributor than his challenger can? It may seem outlandish, but thanks to a quirk in our federal campaign finance laws, such a mismatch is common. A federal lawsuit filed in a [...]

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The "Reform Community" discovers it has gone bald: The FEC, disclosure timelines, and Little Jerry Seinfeld

Bob Biersack took to the pages of The New York Times this week to bemoan what he termed a failure of the Federal Election Commission to fulfill “its basic obligation to save what’s left of our campaign finance laws” through timely publication of campaign finance reports required to be filed with the Commission. By timely, [...]

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What Investigation? (Video)

How hard has the Justice Department investigated the IRS targeting of conservative-leaning nonprofits? Hard enough to find out from the press that Lois Lerner’s (and other’s) emails were lost: It looks like other priorities, such as making sure that people who make fun of President Obama get investigated, got in the way of a thorough [...]

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What Sen. Schumer and Rep. Deutch Get Wrong About the Senate’s Constitutional Amendment Proposal

On Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Ted Deutch penned an opinion piece in Politico Magazine purporting to respond to criticisms of a Democratic effort to amend the Constitution to overturn Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United v. FEC. It, unfortunately, is riddled with obfuscations, straw man arguments, and factual inaccuracies. The entire article is [...]

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