Comments to Representative Peter Roskam Rebutting Unfounded Arguments about H.R. 5053 (“Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act”)

PDF of the letter available here The Honorable Peter Roskam Dear Representative Roskam: On behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics,[1] thank you for your introducing H.R. 5053, the “Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act,” which would eliminate the IRS requirement that tax-exempt organizations must file their Form 990, Schedule B – listing […]

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Who’s in on the Dirty Secret behind Tax-Financed Campaigns?

A little-noticed, but interesting op-ed from Public Citizen lobbyist Craig Holman appeared in The Washington Post recently advocating for tax-financed campaigns in Washington D.C. city elections. In his op-ed, Holman appears to take the unusual position that these programs are beneficial because they do not affect the outcome of races: For incumbent elected officials, the […]

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Amicus Brief: French v. Jones in Support of Plaintiff-Appellant

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The FEC, LLCs, and Political Contribution Disclosure

Recently, there’s been a flap at the FEC about whether the Commission should have found certain actors were in violation of the laws governing disclosure for making contributions to “super PACs” through LLCs that, at least in some cases, were formed for the purpose of making those contributions. The idea is that, in such cases, […]

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The Future and Past of the IRS Scandal

  What is the Future of political activism at the IRS and the Department of Justice? That question kicked off a lively panel discussion jointly hosted by The Claremont Institute and The Federalist Society on April 14. Though the four distinguished attorneys speaking on the panel (John Eastman of the Claremont Institute, election law attorney […]

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LLCs and Politics at the FEC

Recently, and to significant commentary, the Federal Election Commission released dueling statements explaining the Commission’s decision not to pursue complaints brought by the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 against certain Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) that contributed to super PACs. Three commissioners, Vice-Chairman Walther, with Commissioners Ravel and Weintraub argued, following the recent line of […]

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Amicus Brief: Holland v. Williams in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

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How to Use Campaign Finance Data to Mislead the Public

Corporations are “distorting our democracy” – at least according to activists Bruce F. Freed and Marian Currinder, writing in U.S. News and World Report. The authors spin the usual tale of untold corporate billions flooding elections in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2010’s Citizens United decision. But it is just that – a tale. […]

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Too Much Disclosure Misinforms Voters

A trio of news stories from the past few weeks illustrates how too much disclosure information can mislead the voters it is supposed to inform and dirty up a political process it is intended to clean. First came the story that George Soros was funding a super PAC backing John Kasich. One of the most […]

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Corporate political activity: Persuasion, coercion and that pesky First Amendment

Richard Hasen has a thoughtful op-ed up at Reuters, commenting on the apparent disconnect between liberals who appear to hate corporate participation in politics (“Citizens United is terrible”) and liberals who like corporate participation in politics (“hey, isn’t it great that corporate America has persuaded Republican governors in Arkansas, Indiana, and now Georgia to veto […]

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