In Defense of Protests

After the election of Donald Trump, those unhappy with the results began protesting across the country. The #NotMyPresident movement is almost certainly futile – the election has been fairly decided – but these protesters, like all Americans, have the right to peaceably assemble and speak out, regardless of the content of their message. This is […]

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Money Doesn’t Buy Elections: 2016 Presidential Election Edition

With the election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton, we are reminded once again that the role of money in politics cannot buy results, and that no matter how much money is spent or political ads are run, it is voters who decide the race. The following are just a few facts […]

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Supreme Court Rejects Colorado Appeal In Coalition For Secular Government Case

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics released the following statement after the United States Supreme Court denied an appeal by the state of Colorado to hear Coalition for Secular Government (CSG) v. Williams. In the case, an appeals court ruled that Colorado’s ballot issue disclosure law violates the First Amendment for groups raising […]

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“Fat Cats” in Philadelphia

There are many serious arguments in the campaign finance world concerning free speech, undue influence, the costs and benefits of regulations and new laws, and the overall health of our campaign system. Sadly, those arguments rarely make it to the general public. What replaces them? Innuendo that all politicians are sold to the highest bidder […]

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CCP Releases Analysis of Initiated Measure 22: The “South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act”

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics, America’s largest nonprofit focusing on public education and defense of First Amendment political speech rights, released an analysis today by Senior Fellow Eric Wang regarding South Dakota’s Initiated Measure 22, otherwise known as the “South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act.” To read the analysis, click here […]

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Amicus Brief: Coloradans for a Better Future v. Campaign Integrity Watchdog, LLC (Colorado Supreme Court)

Download Amicus Brief

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Amicus Brief: Wolfson v. Concannon in Support of Petitioner

Download Amicus Brief

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Daily Media Links 7/20: States can bring political ‘dark money’ into the light, The Question of Intensity: Campaign Finance and the Ginsburg Controversy, and more…

Disclosure Regulation Los Angeles Times: States can bring political ‘dark money’ into the light Ann M. Ravel I’ve advocated repeatedly that the federal government could learn from California. But given the gridlock in Washington, some cities and states — Connecticut, Montana, New York City and Austin, Texas — have seized the lead. Among their reforms: […]

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Daily Media Links 7/19: Is Money Corrupting U.S. Politics? No, Could ‘Pokemon Go’ Break Election Laws?, and more…

CCP And More Doublespeak in Reformland: On Reversing Brad Smith We like to think that Mr. Howe is just ill-informed rather than engaged in intentional doublespeak aimed at misleading people about the nature of his lawsuit. Probably the “reformers” have told him that “this is just about disclosure”** – that’s a favorite line. They […]

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Salt Lake Tribune: Utah gives in to First Amendment lawsuit (In the News)

Christopher Smart Allen Dickerson, an attorney for the Center for Competitive Politics, which represented the plaintiffs, warned the law would have a chilling effect on constitutionally protected speech. “Utah’s law is so overbroad that our clients were concerned that participating in any public debate could destroy the privacy of their donors, many of whom believe […]

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