Financial Disclosure

Financial Disclosure

History of the Center

Campaign finance has dominated headlines since the inception of the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) 7 years ago. CCP was created, in part, as a way for former Federal Election Commission (FEC) chairman Bradley Smith to address serious misconceptions about money in politics.

One of our first tasks was to draft an amicus brief in support of the Citizens United decision and, in the years since, we have dedicated our efforts to addressing all challenges to the First Amendment through litigation, via media appearances and publications, by attendance at conferences around the country, by conducting research and analysis of the issues, by testifying before Congressional panels, and by being an important voice in the debate over the influence of money in politics and the fight to preserve the right to Free Speech.

Because campaign finance reformers are well funded, CCP must continue to diversify and find new ways to meet the opposing side head on. We are routinely published and quoted in national news outlets and appear frequently on national news programs, and our efforts to reach out to states in their individual First Amendment struggles is growing by the day. But we need the help of free-minded citizens.

We rely on the generosity of our donors to fund our important programs, and they continue to surprise and humble us every year with their dedication to the cause and their honest adherence to the First Amendment and Founding principles. Through your support and encouragement, we continue to speak loudly about the need to free the First Amendment of restrictions, battle the efforts to overturn Citizens United, and capitalize on emerging opportunities to keep speech for Americans safe indefinitely. This is our commitment and we thank you for joining us in the fight.

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