Court Rules North Dakota Campaign Ban Unconstitutional

Calling the law “clearly invalid,” a federal judge in North Dakota today ruled that the state’s 100-year-old ban on election-day campaigning is unconstitutional. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the Center for Competitive Politics, a pro-free speech group. The Center represents Gary Emineth, who wishes to post yard signs on his property, […]

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Daily Media Links 10/31: K Street Lobbyists Hit the Campaign Trail in Virginia, Pay-to-Play Violations Carry Serious Penalties, and more…

Independent groups NY Times: On Electoral Map, the Green Is Obscured  By NEIL GENZLINGER If you are already dismayed at the spending and tactics that have characterized this election season, better stay away from Tuesday’s episode of “Frontline” on PBS. The piece, “Big Sky, Big Money,” looks at the shenanigans in Montana in the last four […]

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Daily Media Links 10/30: In Nevada Senate Race, Ethics Inquiry Looms Large,Hill, Bullock spar over $500,000 donation in final debate, and more…

Independent groups NY Times: Obama Is Even in TV Ad Race Despite PACs  By JEREMY W. PETERS, NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and SARAH COHEN  Despite repeated warnings from President Obama and his party that a flood of unrestricted donations from conservatives to outside groups would swamp them, the White House and its allies are at least holding their […]

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Daily Media Links 10/29: Here’s a Memo From the Boss: Vote This Way, Obama: Campaign cash ‘ridiculous’, and more…

In the News NY Times: Here’s a Memo From the Boss: Vote This Way  By Steven Greenhouse Imagine getting a letter from the boss, telling you how to vote.  Read more… CCP High Information Voters  By Sarah Lee CCP Chairman Brad Smith has penned an excellent op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal titled, “The Dangers of […]

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High Information Voters

CCP Chairman Brad Smith has penned an excellent op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal titled, “The Dangers of an Informed Electorate,” in which he opines that the left side of the political spectrum appears to want to keep voters in the dark if it means keeping their employers from directly communicating with them regarding political […]

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Daily Media Links 10/26: Queens Politician Charged With Campaign Fraud, Campaign finance watchdog may sue Arizona group, and more…

In the News Wall Street Journal: The Dangers of an Informed Electorate  By Bradley A. Smith But the left seems to think it is somehow illegitimate for management to speak to its own employees about how different candidates, and the policies they espouse, could affect the company. The left has two main fears: First, that corporations […]

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Special Interests Trump Connecticut’s Tax-Funded Campaign Program

CONTACT: Sarah Lee, Communications Director, 770.598.7961 Special Interests Trump Connecticut’s Tax-Funded Campaign Program  The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today released a study on Connecticut’s tax-funded election program that found the law had no measurable impact on legislative voting behavior. “Supporters of tax-funded elections claimed it would cut special interest influence, and there’s no evidence […]

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In the News: Wall Street Journal: The Dangers of an Informed Electorate

The Dangers of an Informed Electorate CCP Chairman Bradley A. Smith wrote this piece for the Wall Street Journal: One day you return home from work, go to your mailbox, and find a packet from your employer concerning the coming Nov. 6 election. It includes information about the candidates and a letter from the company […]

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The Failure of “Citizen’s Elections”

The New York Times has been in a dither lately over the efforts of Jonathan Soros (grandson of multi-billionaire George) to spend exorbitant amounts of money creating groups that will ultimately work to influence two State Senate campaigns in an effort to make campaign finance reform a “more prominent issue.” Soros, along with husband of Facebook […]

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Daily Media Links 10/25: K Street flags shortcomings of lobbying law, Dem ads highlight Romney’s support for Mourdock, and more…

CCP Learn Liberty Presents: “Money in Politics”  By Joe Trotter IHS’  Learn Liberty video series released a video featuring Brad Smith yesterday entitled “Money in Politics.”  Read more… Independent groups Roll Call: Rules of the Game: Conservative Nonprofits Test Labor Unions   By Eliza Newlin Carney Some GOP organizers argue that labor “bosses” still outspend them, […]

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